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Ohio State Leads Nebraska 17-10 At Half

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It’s not so bad.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska 0 - 0

Ohio State starts with the ball. Nebraska gives up some yardage but our beloved Huskers stop the Buckeyes on fourth down in Nebraska territory. Ohio State goes for a home run pass to their tight end and Luke Reimers does a beautiful job of breaking it up.

Nebraska with the ball - moves well, but stalls at the OU 35 yard line where Chase Contreras misses a 45-yard field goal.

Not a bad start. Not a great one, but better than giving up the touchdown on fourth down, and they didn’t turn the ball over on their first offensive drive. Didn’t have any penalties either.


First Quarter - 0 - 0 Score

Nebraska and Ohio State both struggling on offense. Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud threw an interception to Cam Taylor-Britt, but the Nebraska offense did nothing with it.

A pretty even battle in the first quarter, although Ohio State has 90 total yards to Nebraska’s 46. Ohio State has two sacks because Adrian Martinez waits a bit and our tackles can’t block a middle school defensive end.

Ohio State 3 - Nebraska 0

Buckeyes have a nice drive that was aided by a weak 15-yard defensive pass interference penalty called against Myles Farmer. Emphasis on weak. Nebraska’s defense held very well once the Buckeyes got to the red zone. The Blackshirts forced a fourth down and an Ohio State field goal.

Nebraska’s defense is playing well enough in this game for the offense to do something, ANYTHING to get points and get a lead in this game. So far the Nebraska offense can best be described as anemic.

Ohio St. 26 yd FG

Scoring Drive: 11 plays, 57 yards, 4:52

Ohio State 10 - Nebraska 0

Our beloved Huskers punt the ball 13 yards which sets up the Buckeyes at mid field. Ohio State’s CJ Stroud completes passes of 13 and 17 yards against Nebraska’s soft zone. Once in the red zone, Ohio State starts running TreVeon Henderson repeatedly, then finishes the drive with a TD reception to Chris Olave.

The end is beginning.

Ohio St. 3 yd TD

Touchdown Scored by C.Olave on a pass from C.Stroud

Scoring Drive: 7 plays, 49 yards, 3:24

Ohio State 10 - Nebraska 3

Nebraska’s offense show some urgency, moving the ball down the field fairly well as Adrian Martinez completes a 26-yard pass to Austin Allen and a 14-yard pass to Omar Manning.

Martinez gets up hobbled and limping after a play, then later in the drive Nebraska runs a clearly injured Martinez on 3rd and 7 then kicks a field goal. Who the fuck runs this offense?

Ohio State 17 - Nebraska 3

CJ Stroud hits Jaxon Smith-Njiba for a 75-yard touchdown in one play and the rout is on.

Ohio St. 75 yd TD

Touchdown Scored by J.Smith-Njigba on a pass from C.Stroud

Scoring Drive: 1 plays, 75 yards, 0:12

Ohio State 17 - Nebraska 10

Nebraska gets the ball back, doesn’t lay down and die as they run one play - Rahmir Johnson up the middle for 3 yards, then explode all over the Buckeyes as Martinez hits Toure for a big play TD against the young Buckeye secondary.

Nebraska 72 yd TD

Touchdown Scored by S.Toure on a pass from A.Martinez

Scoring Drive: 2 plays, 75 yards, 0:41

Halftime Summary

Not a bad half for Nebraska. We are down by one score, as is typical. Honestly, I thought our beloved Huskers would lay down and die, but then Martinez hits Toure for a bomb to bring us back into the game.