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Predictions: Huskers vs. Buckeyes

Can Nebraska hold off a losing season for one more week?

Ohio State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Mike: Normally, we limit the games we pick to spreads of ten or fewer points... but this week, there are so few games, we’d have to include North Texas at Southern, no. Gonna pick teams we’re more familiar with...

Patrick: So, the season’s almost over.

Jill: Good thing

Tyler: Nebrasketball season starts on Tuesday, so there’s that.

Andy: I am now a disciple of the Tao of Lee Corso. Details in the Nebraska - OSU pick.

Iowa (-12) at Northwestern

Patrick: University of Iowa 23 Northwestern University 3

Jill: A ‘get right’ game for Iowa? Yes, yes it is. Hawkeyes 28 Wildcats 7

Jon: Nobody can score. Unless there are turnovers. Still. Everyone forgets something here - Northwestern beats Iowa a lot. Wildcats 9 Iowa 6

Mike: Iowa’s offense looks a little better, and the score gets inflated by the Hawkeye defense. Iowa 31, NW 6

Tyler: Iowa will run the football. Northwestern is terrible at stopping the run. Iowa 28 / Northwestern 6

Andy: Thank gawd Iowa’s offense is putrid. Bird Poo 24 Northwestern 3

Wisconsin (-12) at Rutgers

Patrick: University of Wisconsin 34 Rutgers University 12

Jill: Wisconsin is starting to figure some things out. This does not bode well for the Huskers. Rutgers is a decent team, but I think that Wiscy defense is going to crush the Knights. Badgers 27 Scarlet Knights 12

Mike: Wisconsin is on a bit of a roll right now. Badgers 28, Rutgers 10

Tyler: This game will be close, I think. Vedral plays well, but Badgers pull it out. Wisconsin 27 / Rutgers 21

Andy: Weird spread the way Wisconsin’s been going lately but - Wiscy 37 Rutgers 13

Illinois (+15) at Minnesota

Patrick: University of Minnesota 27 University of Illinois 17

Jill: Ughh. Don’t watch this. Gophers 33 Illini 20

Jon: This is a game the Gophers should easily win. They’re in the driver’s seat in the West, but their two biggest rivalry games are coming up. Illini 30 Gophers 23

Mike: I suspect the Goofs are due for another hiccup, but not this week. Not against the Illini. Goofs 28, Illini 10

Tyler: As much as I want Illinois to win, they won’t. Captain Khakis keeps the Gophers rolling. Minnesota 31 / Illinois 13

Andy: This feels like one of those games which will have members of his cult screeching in bereavement wondering how things like this happen to their beloved sweater-vested genius. Illinois 17 Minnesota 16

Michigan State (-3) at Purdue

Patrick: Michigan State University 23 Purdue University 21

Jill: This line seems way too close, even if the game is at Purdue. This would be a bad time for a Sparty No moment. I don’t think Kenneth Walker lets them have it. Spartans 31 Boilers 21

Jon: Why is this? Sparty 42, Purdue 41

Mike: Purdue cashed in their lottery tickets last week. Spartans 34, Boilers 17

Tyler: Sparty should have no problem with Purdue. Purdue will be outclassed by a superior West foe. Michigan State 38 / Purdue 16

Andy: So another very solid but not truly great Big 10 squad has elevated itself into CFP territory. Why shouldn’t Purdue also bring Sparty back to a level to which they truly belong? I know it’s probably just wishful thinking, but here’s to hoping karma starts rearing its ugly head today. Boilermakers! The POWER of Cincinnati COMPELS you!! Purdue 27 Sparty 25

Ohio State (-15) at Nebraska

Patrick: Ohio State University 42 University of Nebraska 17

Jill: All signs point toward this being the week the dam finally breaks and the Huskers get buried by a good team. The Buckeyes are looking to make a statement to the playoff committee and the Huskers provide the perfect situation for them to do embattled coach, a resilient team struggling to maintain confidence despite crushing loss after crushing loss, a hobbled quarterback...I’ll stop now. Buckeyes by 20.

Tyler: Here’s to another losing season, Husker Nation. Miracles do happen. But our luck has been so poor and the Buckeyes are too talented, top to bottom, to contain. Ohio State 45 / Nebraska 28


Ohio State is a 14.5 point favorite over Nebraska. It’s dropped since above was released. Odds/lines subject to change. T&Cs apply. See for details.

Mike: Jon’s going to make us watch a non-obscenity filled eight minute video? No thanks. As for this game, Nebraska’s season defies explanation and logic at this point. So what am I going to say here? Well, the head says the Huskers will do what they’ve done this season, and make it interesting... say, a 38-27 Ohio State victory. But what does my heart say? Well, Frost turned it over to the team after last week’s debacle. This team is backed up against the wall, running out of chances to prove their mettle and silence their critics. It’s put up or shut up time. So my heart goes... “Let’s just do it. BOOM.” Huskers 45, Ohio State 31.

Andy: Why do we go on? Why do we keep showing up for this? There’s probably another gut punch waiting, but here we are. What do we call on, what reserves do we tap into, what is the battle cry today when that damn mountain just looks too steep this time?

Tell ‘em, Coach Lee:

No analysis, no detailed in-depth look into the match-ups or words of inspiration.

OK, maybe three words and no, meemaw, I ain’t washing my mouth out with soap:

“Eh, fuck it!”

Nebraska 38 Ohio St. 37 Let’s start the world’s biggest 4-6 party ever.