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Corn Nation’s Big Ten Rankings - Week 14

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Well, outside of the Husker loss this was a pretty fun filled college football weekend. All of the Big Ten powers played in the snow. Alabama came back to beat Auburn in four overtimes. Oklahoma State finally beat Oklahoma for the first time since the Obama administration.

Other notes:

  • No school is safe from having their coach being poached by another school. Well, maybe Alabama.
  • Jim Harbaugh is a good coach.
  • Mack Brown might need to retire.
  • I have no clue what’s going on in the Pac-12 but I hope it’s good for the conference in the long run. There are a lot of new coaches for teams that need new identities.
  • Mike Gundy, the king of the state of Oklahoma and proof that you don’t can a coach when a couple of years get rough.
  • If you hate the money and influence in college football now then I suggest finding a nice FCS or lower team to root for. This is not going to change anytime soon and might get more so when the NCAA pushing off responsibilities to the conferences. South Dakota State and Montana are good places to start. Heck, UNK made the Division II playoff this season. You have options. It is also not that hard to watch or stream many of their games too. ESPN+ Has become the home of most of the FCS. I lived off of the Ivy and Big Sky streams all season. Take my word for it, the subscription is worth it and the football is good.
  • Also, Nebraska still needs some coordinators.

1. Michigan (11-1 Overall 8-1 Big Ten)

Congrats, now don’t lose to Iowa. It can easily happen, trust me. Could you be blown out? Well, no. But you could still lose.

2. Ohio State (10-2 Overall 8-1 Big Ten)

You fought hard and valiantly. Be happy Day has yet to be poached.

3. Michigan State (10-2 Overall 7-2 Big Ten)

Michigan State’s contract for a coach that has only coached there two years and not a single championship whatsoever to show for it looks pretty normal right now.

4. Iowa (10-2 Overall 8-2 Big Ten)

See everyone above you? You didn’t play any of them but they all played each other. This is why you’re at four. However, it would not surprise me if you won the Big Ten title game.

5. Minnesota (8-4 Overall 6-3 Big Ten)

You out meat and cheesed the meat and cheese team.

6. Wisconsin (8-4 Overall 6-3 Big Ten)

All out of meat.

7. Purdue (8-4 Overall 6-3 Big Ten)

You folks are going to challenge for the West early on next year. There’s something good going on at Purdue that no one is talking about. I believe. Please don’t ask me why but I believe.

8. Penn State (7-5 Overall 4-5 Big Ten)

Regroup and focus on that stellar recruiting class you have. Hug your coach. Many fanbases can’t do that right now.

9. Maryland (6-6 Overall 3-6 Big Ten)

I still haven’t seen a single quarter of play.

10. Illinois (5-7 Overall 4-5 Big Ten)

Congrats Bret on your first year as head coach. Now go raid Chicago for recruits.

11. Rutgers (5-7 Overall 2-7 Big Ten)

5-7 and everyone seems to be happy. Get yourself a pork roll and prepare for the holidays.

12. Nebraska (3-9 Overall 1-8 Big Ten)

Yep, another one score game. Time to overhaul the offense.

13. Northwestern (3-9 Overall 1-8 Big Ten)

2022 Big Ten West Champions.

14. Indiana (2-9 Overall 0-9 Big Ten)

Soccer school