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Scott Frost Day News: Maple Syrup Reserves, Whiskey Tariffs, and Husker Women’s Basketball Remains Undefeated

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Plus, the volleyball team gets to host early rounds of the NCAA tournament

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Scott Bruhn

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The last few years, this holiday has been synonymous with the end of the Husker football season. Several of those years have reeked of incompetence - a team that wasn’t motivated, prepared or excited to play.

There was incompetence this season without a doubt (hello special teams). But we saw a team that grew from the first game showing, where I wasn’t sure Scott Frost would be allowed to keep his job into the second half, into a group that never gave up and found ways to overcome mistakes. There was definite growth. There is also a long way to go and a great deal of uncertainty over whether the current chosen path (keeping Frost) will get the Huskers back to competing for division and conference titles.

I’ve decided not to worry about it. Either Frost will grow as a leader and coach and make good hires for his staff - or he won’t. We may be in for a surprising and fun 2022 football season. Or we may be in for more of this “can’t figure out how to win” nonsense.

Christopherson: How does hoping go to knowing for the Huskers?
It’s to the point where even Nebraska’s head coach was thinking it just like you were thinking it. And unfortunately for the Huskers,...

Besides, have you noticed the women’s basketball team is 7-0?!? There is a good chance their unbeaten streak changes this week when they take on a hot Wake Forest team. This is a fairly young Husker team that is trying to identify roles for everyone and find their chemistry before they head into a rugged Big Ten. You have the dependable veterans like Haiby and Bourne who have proven they can come up big in clutch situations. You also have a veteran transfer in Jaz Shelley who has taken this team by storm. Whatever the team needs done, Shelley does it with aplomb. You also have an injection of attitude from freshman like Alexis Markowski and Allison Weidner. Those two refuse to give up on any play and have a will of steel when it comes to finishing. They also have enough savvy to not allow that determination to turn into stupid mistakes (fouls or avoidable turnovers) most of the time.

There are more who deserve a mention, but this is already getting long.

Mostly, I’m tired of being by myself most of the time on the WBB game threads. (Thanks to those of you that pop in from time to time and keep me company!) Come on, give this team a listen!

Nebraska Women Stay Undefeated, Win Tournament Championship In San Diego - Nebraska Women’s Basketball - Hail Varsity
It was a successful trip to San Diego for the Nebraska women’s basketball team as the Huskers stayed unbeaten and won The Dana on Mission Bay Holiday Tournament championship.

Frosted Flakes

The volleyball team is the #10 national seed! Check out Beth’s thoughts on the brackets.

Huskers fans react to another close loss
”Just can’t win.”

Nebraska observations: Another ‘punch in the face’ to end Huskers’ season, Scott Frost must fix system – The Athletic($)
Special-teams mistakes are just one ongoing issue for Nebraska. Plus, QB Logan Smothers shows he deserves a look in 2022.

No. 17 Iowa's rally deals Huskers another heartbreaking loss | AP News
LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Iowa once again did what Nebraska has been unable to do all season, and that's why the Hawkeyes own at least a share of a Big Ten West title and the Cornhuskers head into winter off their worst year since 1957.

HuskerOnline - Nebraska offers PWO opportunity to OLB/DE Van Vugt
Nebraska sees Van Vugt as an OLB/DE in their defense

10/11 NOW talks with Nebraska Football Flyover Pilots
Nebraska Football is known for its traditions. The sell-out streak, balloon release after the first score, and the military fly over during the national anthem. The Flyover doesn’t last long, but its preparations takes months.

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Here are 10 of our biggest takeaways from Nebraska’s 28-21 loss to Iowa on Friday afternoon.

HuskerOnline - Nebraska offer leaves 2024 RB Cram speechless
Huskers offer top area 2024 RB Titus Cram while on visit to Nebraska.

HuskerOnline - Huskers could be close to offering RB Johnson
2022 RB Johnson visits Lincoln after getting the first interest from Nebraska only a week ago

Tominaga rallies Huskers past South Dakota
Nebraska hosted South Dakota in their final game of a seven game stretch defeating the Coyotes 83-70.

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