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Nebraska Leads Iowa 14-6 At Half

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It’s a pretty decent half for the good guys!

NCAA Football: Iowa at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa won the toss and deferred. Nebraska and Logan Smothers start on offense. Jaquez Yant started at running back.

Nebraska 7 - 0

Nebraska started the game with a penalty for delay of game. On the second play, Smothers hit Samori Toure for a 19-yard gain. Our beloved Huskers put on a methodical drive, aided by a pickup by Yant on 4th and 1 and another 28-yard reception to Toure.

Smothers took the touchdown on a two-yard quarterback run lead by Yant. It was nice. Quarterback Duo, maybe?

Rushing Touchdown Scored by L.Smothers
Scoring Drive: 12 plays, 75 yards, 5:42
PAT KICK by C.Contreraz GOOD

Nebraska 7 - Iowa STILL ZERO

Iowa started on the 25 with the touchback kick. Iowa Quarterback Alex Padilla hit tight end Sam LaPorta for a 30-yard completion on 3rd and one. Running back Tyler Goodson put together some decent runs while Padilla hit Keagon Johnson for 11 yards, then Charlie Jones for a 10-yard reception to the Nebraska 9-yard line.

Iowa picked up a false start penalty pushing them back to the 13 yard line. Goodson had a great run up the middle to the Nebraska one yard line. On 4th and 1, Iowa went for play action. Padilla hit LaPorta for what looked like a touchdown but the ball came out as LaPorta laid on the ground.

The play was called a touchdown on the field, but overturned by a reasonable official on review. Iowa fans all over the world whine and weep at their loss of points.

Iowa turns the ball over on downs and does not score on this drive.


Nebraska 7 - Iowa 3

The two teams trade series without a first down, then Iowa gets the ball on their 40 after a 34-yard punt by Will Przystup. Iowa’s running game is doing well, but they insist on trying to throw the ball. They appear to pick up a first down with a 10-yard reception by LaPorta, but a late flag for illegal formation flies very late after the play is over.

Kirk opts for a field goal. Caleb Shudak gets Iowa on the board.

Iowa 51 yd FG

Scoring Drive: 7 plays, 27 yards, 2:57

Nebraska 14 - Iowa 3

Our beloved Huskers have decided to become an option team. Nebraska started the drive at their own 25 yard line. The Huskers moved down the field running the ball heavily. Nebraska picked up a first down on a triple option that involved a pitch to a running back, then a late pitch to another running back, Yant.

Smothers had a 24-yard gain just after Brody Belt had a 10-yard gain up the middle off an option look. Yant finished the drive off with a leap over the pile in the middle.

Nebraska 1 yd TD
Rushing Touchdown Scored by J.Yant
Scoring Drive: 13 plays, 75 yards, 6:19
PAT KICK by C.Contreraz GOOD

Nebraska 14 - Iowa 6

Iowa starts at their own 25. The Hawkeye running game continues to gain decent yardage, but the bad guys insist on trying to throw the ball.

Iowa gets a gift when Nebraska is called for a personal foul for roughing the quarterback on Ty Robinson. Targeting is added to the call, but dismissed upon review.

Iowa’s Shudak hit’s a 48-yard field goal to give Iowa six points before half.

Halftime Summary