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Thanksgiving Day Open Thread

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Turkey, Football and Great Conversation

Macy’s Giant Balloons inflation ahead of Thanksgiving Day Parade Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving Corn Nation!

I hope this day finds you well and with friends or family. Feel free to pop in an leave your Thanksgiving greetings.

Here is what some of the Corn Nation crew is up to today.


  • What is your protein of choice? (we’ve got turkey and pulled pork for today and ham for tomorrow)
  • What is your secret to excellent turkey? (we cover ours with a pound of bacon before putting in the roasting pan)
  • Favorite side dishes? (green bean casserole is an abomination)


I’m in in the DC area this year and I’m happy to be in the United States for Thanksgiving for the first time since 2017. I travel around a lot so usually I spent Thanksgiving 2018 and 2019 in Mexico and 2020 locked down in Canada so I made sure to spend time with family in 2021 and I couldn’t be happier. Hopefully I will start to make it more of a regular thing.


Happy Thanksgiving! My family started going to Mahoney (State Park) for Thanksgiving a few years ago and it’s the best. No one has to cook and the buffet has things my kids will actually eat, the kids can play in the play place or we can rock climb. And we like to drink into the early hours, so everyone can stay and no one has to drive.

Here is today’s football schedule (in CST)


Bears at Lions, 11:30am, FOX

Raiders at Cowboys, 3:30pm, CBS

Bills at Saints, 7:20pm, NBC


Fresno State at San Jose State, 2:30pm, FS1

Mississippi at Mississippi State, 6:30pm, ESPN