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Nebraska Potential Offensive Coordinator Candidates

Who are some realistic candidates to run Nebraska’s offense

Nebraska v Wisconsin Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

When Scott Frost was retained and four of his offensive assistants were fired, it sent shock waves throughout the program. But it was a clear message that change had to happen and that Frost was going in a new direction. Frost wants to be a CEO head coach which means he’s going to be handing over the keys to the Husker offense to someone else. Who is that other person? Here are some realistic potential offensive coordinator candidates.

Former Head Coaches

One direction that Frost could go is to hire a former head coach to run the offense. This is an intriguing option because not only does this potentially help the offense, but having someone with head coaching experience could potentially do wonders for Frost who is still young as a head coach.

Current Power 5 Offensive Coordinators

There are a few offensive coordinators out there that are interesting names that will be available because their head coaches have either been fired or will be. But then what about those that are lead by coaches who are the main play callers? Do they want to run their own show?

Group of 5 or FCS Coordinators

I’ve long thought that Scott Frost should pull a Mike Gundy and go to the lower levels to bring in a young innovative offensive mind. It’s worked for Gundy and maybe it could work for Frost. Whether it’s a group of five school or even a someone from the FCS level.

Listed below is a look at nine realistic candidates for Nebraska’s open offensive coordinator position. Will it be a former head coach, current power five coordinator or someone from a small school?