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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Iowa

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The Heroes Trophy is going to the Huskers this year.

Nebraska v Wisconsin Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

We’ve made it to the final game of the 2021 football season. While it hasn’t gone how we’ve wanted it to, one thing can make it all better. What is that thing? Beating Iowa.

Don’t worry friends, it’s happening tomorrow.

Here are you reasons why.


These seniors have not had the record that they imagined when they signed to play football at the University of Nebraska. There has been a lot of turmoil, but they have also shown a lot of progress.

This season it is baffling that they have only won 3 games. They have out played many of their opponents and still lost. These seniors deserve to end this season with a win. They have put in the work and now it is time for them to see the reward.


Last week Nebraska played the No. 1 defense in the country and were able to get 452 yards of total offense. That is more than double Wisconsin’s average yardage allowed. One of the reasons that the Huskers were able to do so was due to aggressive play calling.

Once again, Nebraska will be facing a tough defense and staying aggressive on offense is what is going to win the game for them. With a new quarterback under center, this may look a little different, but the Huskers are still going to get the win.


Iowa has won the Heroes Trophy for six years in a row.


The good news is that lucky number seven favors the Huskers. Think about it, our coach’s old number was seven. Does that mean something? Probably. It means the Huskers are going to get the win.


Last week was not the best week for the Husker defense. Their tackling wasn’t up to par.

We won’t see the same mistakes this week. Not all of the senior/junior defensive players have announced if they are coming back yet, but I know the ones who aren’t want to make this a game to be remembered.


Iowa’s defense is known for their takeaways. They have 26 on the season so far. For Nebraska to win this game they are going to have to play smart football and avoid turnovers.

BONUS: I am taking my son for his first game. The Huskers can’t possibly lose the first time he comes to see them play.

Get yourselves pumped up for tomorrow because the Huskers are going to beat Iowa and end this season on a high note.

Draft Kings still has Nebraska as a one-point favorite!