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Corn Nation’s Big Ten Rankings - Week 13

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 20 Minnesota at Indiana Photo by James Black/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Not a whole lot of changes this week. Teams pretty much did what was expected of them. The bottom quarter or so is meh. Which makes sense as they usually are. Not everyone can be a Purdue. I really do not have much to say about the so they get gifs for the last week of regular season.

Other notes:

  • Ohio State, we know you had a loss to Oregon that looks worse now but Michigan State is full of players who are peoples kids. They have feelings.
  • Everyone who isn’t from Iowa is now feeling bad for Nebraska. Think about that long and hard.
  • The Game is going to be big and I don’t see Ohio State not running away with it. Michigan is good, but not beating OSU good. Then again, this is a rivalry. For all I know Harbaugh has been slowly preparing for this all year. I mean, Michigan would not fire him for having ten wins and another loss to OSU, right?
  • The PAC-12 and ACC are out of the CFBP this year barring something weird happening. So, is this the playoff picture? 1. Georgia 2. Ohio State 3. Alabama 4......I’m guessing maybe.....not Cincy. A lot could change over the next two weeks.
  • Oh yeah, Okie State could also be in on the playoff talk if they beat OU this weekend and win the Big 12 championship. The Big 12 championship that happens the following week. Also, they could see Oklahoma in that game. Big 12 has changed a lot since we were last there. I can see why they’re going the way of the G5.
Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains

  • You folks like basketball? Ya know it’s basketball season now.
  • This is the last week of MACtion of 2021. Enjoy it, love it, cherish it!
  • Egg Bowl time! Who’s ready for Leach Vs. Kiffin. Who thinks the pirate captain will take down the ever so popular Lane Train?
  • Everyone ready for Thanksgiving?

1. Ohio State (10-1 Overall 8-0 Big Ten)

Poor Sparty...Though it did help having this blowout on national TV. Also helps now that the one loss on the Buckeye’s schedule has two bad losses. The Buckeyes can’t rely upon anyone but themselves.

2. Michigan (10-1 Overall 7-1 Big Ten)

Hey Michigan, are you ready to possibly make it to the College Football Playoff? You could be the number two Big Ten team to make it. I’m kind of kidding but hey, weirder things have happened.

3. Wisconsin (8-3 Overall 6-2 Big Ten)

So close to losing to Nebraska but just about anyone can say that. Yeah, you did drop but I also saw for the first time some flaws with you that I think would have you losing to the Wolverines. Thus they jumped you.

4. Iowa (9-2 Overall 7-2 Big Ten)

Iowa made Illinois look good for way too long. They will probably do the same to Nebraska on Friday.

5. Michigan State (9-2 Overall 6-2 Big Ten)

Ohio State wanted that win bad and unfortunately you were in the way. At least your coach was given a gigantic SEC size contract extension this past week.

6. Purdue (7-4 Overall 5-3 Big Ten)

Purdue is now 7-4 and sitting pretty for a nice bowl game down south this winter. Take care of business against your arch rival Indiana and you will have a nice vacation for the post season. I’ve said it for week, I really though you would be looking for a new coach by now.

7. Penn State (7-4 Overall 4-4 Big Ten)

Nice win. I still do not know what to make of you. Though, I am starting to feel that Franklin may still be there next year but with a contract extension.

8. Minnesota (7-4 Overall 5-3 Big Ten)

Just keep rowing. Just keep rowing. Just keep rowing.

9. Illinois (4-7 Overall 3-5 Big Ten)

Illinois proved to Iowa that Bret is doing more with less than anyone else in this conference. Watch, they lose to Northwestern at Wrigley.

10. Rutgers (5-6 Overall 2-6 Big Ten)

11. Nebraska (3-8 Overall 1-7 Big Ten)

12. Maryland (5-6 Overall 2-6 Big Ten)

13. Northwestern (3-8 Overall 1-7 Big Ten)

14. Indiana (2-9 Overall 0-8 Big Ten)