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Scott Frost Day News: Mullets, Exploding Turkeys and a Husker Triple Double

It’s Thanksgiving Week; time to stuff the fridge with food and not let your family eat any of it until Thurday.

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Syndication: The Augusta Chronicle Katie Goodale / USA TODAY NETWORK

I really like watching Monarch butterflies. For years in the fall, I anxiously awaited the butterfly migration, camera in hand, to get pictures of them and watch them flutter around gracefully. We have a lot of trees on our ranch and going for a run along the road was like running in a butterfly cloud one or two days a year.

I have even grown milkweed for the butterflies. It started with my garden. Admittedly, I’ve let the milkweed get out of hand and it makes real gardening difficult in places. Now, I’ve gotten a small area (about an acre) that has enough milkweed established that I can be aggressive in keeping it out of the garden.

I no longer see large groups of Monarchs migrating in the fall, but I do get to see a few of them regularly throughout the year. At any given time, there might be a half dozen adult Monarchs flitting about that small area where the milkweed grows.

Hopefully, I’ll get to run in a butterfly cloud again someday.

Monarch butterflies may be thriving after years of decline. Is it a comeback? | California | The Guardian
The North American species is seeing an exponential increase in California, but the population is far short of normal

Frosted Flakes

Shelley triple-double leads Huskers to triple digits once more | KHGI
Jaz Shelley produced her first collegiate triple-double to fuel an offensive onslaught by Nebraska. Another Husker newcomer, Allison Weidner almost registered a triple double of her own.

The competition the Husker women have faced (outside of Creighton) have not really challenged them, but it is still great to see a team as aggressive on offense as they have been on defense under Amy Williams. The newcomers to the team are especially pushing the issue. Hopefully, the confidence they are gaining now carries over once they start play in a loaded Big Ten.

Husker Rifle Drops Second Weekend Match to Air Force - University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Neb.- The No. 9 Husker Rifle team moved to 5-3 on the season with a 4,708-4,691 loss to No. 6 Air Force on Sunday.

Nebraska Football: Wisconsin post-game nuggets
Here is a quick recap of what Scott Frost and his players had to say following the Huskers’ 35-28 loss to Wisconsin.

HuskerOnline - Instant Takes: Wisconsin: 35, Nebraska: 28
Here are three instant takes from Nebraska coming up short against Wisconsin 35-28.

Wisconsin moves up in the latest USA TODAY Sports AFCA Coaches Poll
Wisconsin moves up two spots to #18 despite a close win vs the Cornhuskers.

Saving a marriage, family together - NORTHEAST - NEWS CHANNEL NEBRASKA
It’s always a good day when people are able to graduate drug court, but especially so when it’s a married couple. Jessica and Timothy Roland have been together for almost a decade.

Report Card: Huskers get scores but can’t get stops against Wisconsin
Poor grades in key areas as Huskers drop one to Badgers

Sportin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

Colts’ upset win over Bills ends with final score that’s never been seen before in NFL history -
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Scorigami!

Undefeated: Deaf football team brings triumph and pride to California community - ABC News
Once considered underdogs, the football team at the California School for the Deaf in Riverside has defied the odds with an undefeated season that has electrified and inspired spectators in California and beyond.

Dan Mullen fired by Florida in his fourth season after loss to Mizzou
One day after the Florida Gators fell to 5-6, Dan Mullen was fired as head coach, prematurely ending his fourth season in Gainesville.

Lane Kiffin, James Franklin among hot names in head coaching searches - Sports Illustrated
A number of bluebloods are on the hunt for their newest head coach. Who is next in line for college football’s biggest jobs?

More Noise and Other Disturbances

The "airless" Moon really does have an atmosphere, after all - Big Think
We once thought the Moon was completely airless, but it turns out it has an atmosphere, after all. Even wilder: it has a tail of its own.

Why do frozen turkeys explode when deep-fried?
Deep-fried turkeys are delicious, but making one can be dangerous. The scientific reason for fiery Thanksgiving mishaps? A difference in the densities of ice, water and oil.

Millionaire pooch selling Miami villa once owned by Madonna
Gunther the German shepherd spent a recent morning playing with his tennis ball, rolling in the grass, slobbering a little and napping a lot. Later, he had a “meeting” with the real estate agents selling his Miami mansion that his handlers bought from Madonna.

Funny animal photo winners revealed from Comedy Wildlife Photography
Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021 highlights the world's funniest photographs. This year, the winner captured a Golden Silk Monkey.

Rare albino deer caught on video in North Carolina
Albino deer are exceedingly rare, so when a North Carolina resident spotted one walking in the woods behind her home Thursday morning she grabbed the first recording device she could find.

Norway’s soaring mountain staircases - BBC Travel
Many people don’t know that Norway is the world capital of outdoor stairways: superbly engineered wooden and concrete steps that lead to the country’s most beautiful viewpoints.

The Substack scaries are over for media companies - Axios
"Everyone in publishing knows the hard part happens after you hit send."

Fact Check: Can You Change Your Voicemail If Lost In The Wilderness With No Cell Service? | IFLScience
The latest internet 'advice' to go viral suggests if you're ever lost in the wilderness, just change your voicemail to where and when you are. But, accordi

Why Fido Follows You Everywhere, and Why That's Awesome | HowStuffWorks
Dog owners know: Their four-legged friends are stuck to them like Velcro. But why? Are they afraid of being left behind, or is it something else?

Another Week - Another Poop Article

Celtics legend Paul Pierce denies infamous 2008 Finals wheelchair story: ‘You don’t sit down in your own poop’
The Hall of Famer exited Game 1 via wheelchair after sustaining an apparent knee injury, but he returned minutes later

Istanbul’s local dog framed over poop on train - Turkey News
“Boji,” Istanbul’s beloved stray dog who has captured hearts after being spotted by the city’s locals for regularly using public transport, has been framed and accused of pooping on a train.

Then There’s This

Drivers scramble as cash falls from armored truck on freeway
CARLSBAD, Calif. (AP) — Drivers scrambled to grab cash Friday morning after bags of money fell out of an armored truck on a Southern California freeway, authorities said. The incident occurred shortly before 9:15 a.m.

Men of Kangaroo Valley bare all for Movember to boost men’s mental health - ABC News
Meet some of the men from Kangaroo Valley who decided their best option to improve men’s health was to take their clothes off.

The mullet is back and its for everybody : NPR
Ashley Medina is so busy cutting mullets for all kinds of people in her Lansing, Michigan, shop that she may have to give up other styles.