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Instant Reaction to Nebraska’s 35-28 Loss to Wisconsin

Same shit all over again.

Syndication: Journal Sentinel Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin / USA TODAY NETWORK

Nebraska has another one-score loss to Wisconsin. It’s mostly the same thing as almost every other game this season. Nebraska defense plays well enough to win the game. They gave up a lot of rushing yardage to 17-year old Braelon Allen, 22 carries for 228 yards, and three touchdowns, but they kept the game from getting out of hand.

The offense... two horrible interceptions by Adrian Martinez sealed this game for Wisconsin. Martinez is maddening. Sometimes he makes the greatest plays possible, then in crunch time or when it’s needed most, he overthrows or otherwise misses receivers in position for Nebraska to win the game.

Amazing thing about the fair catch/punt interception was that it came right after the announcers talked about Martinez returning, and mentioned that “Frost wants him back”. Madness.

This defense has wasted their entire year on this offense.

Despite all that, this team continued to fight for their coach. Maybe that’s reason enough to look forward to at least one more year of Scott Frost.