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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Wisconsin

The time to win is now.

Ohio State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

After a second bye week, Huskers are back in action tomorrow and it’s time for a nice big November win. The Badgers aren’t going to know what hit them.

Here are the reasons why:


Wisconsin is the #1 rushing team in the conference. They have Freshman Braelon Allen who averages 92.7 yards per game. Their second leading rusher, Chez Mellusi, averages 90.6 yards a game, but he suffered a season ending injury against Rutgers earlier in the month.

These stats may make some think that the rushing defense is not what will win the Huskers the game, but if that’s what you think then you haven’t been paying attention this season. The defense is the shining star of this team. They held Heisman hopeful, Kenneth Walker III to just 61 yards on 19 carries.

Even with JoJo Domann out, the defense is going to contain the potent Badgers rushing attack.


While Wisconsin has a tough running game, their passing offense is not quite as good. I like the match up between the Badger’s passing scheme and the Husker’s secondary.

Nebraska has done a good job this year at defending big passing plays. The last few games Cam Taylor-Britt has seemed to really turn it on. I expect him to play like that for the rest of the season.


For Nebraska to win this game Adrian Martinez has to play well. He has had the bye week to rest up and hopefully heal a little more from the injuries that he has had.

We learned after the Ohio State game that he had been playing with a broken jaw and a high ankle sprain. It was pretty obvious in the last three games, that he was playing injured.

A healthy Martinez will be able to make the big plays that Nebraska is going to need to win this game.


The last time that Ron Brown was running backs coach was in the 2014 season. Remember that one? That season in which Nebraska was 9-4 and fired their coach after beating Iowa? Yeah that’s the one.

Well anyway, Ron Brown fulfilling coaching duties again is sure to break the curse. Since the curse will be broken, Nebraska can win again.


This team is not bowl eligible and has already lost most of their offensive coaches. They are a dangerous team because they have shown that they can play well against good teams, but now with only two games left there is nothing for them to lose. They are going to go all out on Saturday and take down the Badgers in the process.

DraftKings shows the line on the game has dropped to -8 Wisconsin.