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Second-Half Cold Shooting and Timely Mistakes Hurt Nebraska in Eight Point Loss to Creighton

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Hoiberg will continue to look for some consistency from this Nebrasketball group.

NCAA Basketball: Creighton at Nebraska Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

In a game of runs, the battle for Nebraska’s soul (not really actually as we know Nebraska will always have the soul of the state) ended up in the favor of Creighton by a score of 77 to 69.

In the first half it was a tale of two runs. First it was Creighton who took a 19 point lead halfway through the first half. They caught Nebraska’s offense sleeping behind the wheel. At one point Creighton scored 12 unanswered points.

After some timely shooting from Kobe Webster, who ended up leading Nebraska with 19 points off of the bench, Nebraska pulled within one point with a little over one minute left in the half.

Though Nebraska then made one of the many mistakes on this Tuesday night against Creighton. Kobe Webster shot a three with 45 seconds left in the half. It was early in the possession but this should have guaranteed Nebraska would finish the half with the last shot.

In fact, Creighton’s Ryan Nembhard actually turns the ball over on the subsequent possession as C.J. Wilcher steals the ball with twenty-three seconds left in the half.

It would be time to slow it down for one shot but Keon Edwards unfortunately catches the ball in the corner and there was no Creighton defender within 10 feet.

So he shoots it and misses and here comes Creighton with the ball the other way. Creighton runs a high pick-and-roll which results in Wilhelm Breidenbach fouling Ryan Nembhard with four seconds to go and Nebraska.

Creighton was awarded two free throw attempts and Nembhard only made one. That mistake by Keon Edwards was a potential four point swing.

That was the story of the game for Nebraska. Questionable shot selection and misses around the basket lead to a game in which Nebraska likely should have won.

It also did not help that Bryce McGowens was in foul trouble almost the entire game. The true freshman only played 29 minutes and looked out of rhythm almost the entire time.

While Nebraska was hitting 3’s toward the end of the first half, they only hit two three-points in the second half and shot 18% from three. Creighton on the other hand shot 50% from the three-point line.

Nebraska relied on the three to get them back in the game and when it was time to take the lead they couldn’t make shots around the basket.

Even worse news for Nebraska is that head coach Fred Hoiberg announced after the game that Trey McGowens has a broken foot. Trey left the game early in the first half and was seen in a walking boot in the second half. This is a big loss for a Nebraska team looking for some consistency.

On to Idaho State.