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Corn Nation Big Ten Rankings - Week 12

The divisions are starting to take shape

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 13 Michigan at Penn State Photo by Randy Litzinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

No upsets or real surprises this week. Well, at least in the conference. Outside was a lot of fun.


  • Ohio State is looking better and better each week. That loss to Oregon is far away in the rear view mirror. Hopefully the College Football Playoff Committee will feel the same.
  • I am as curious as anyone on the status of James Franklin at Penn State. The Nittany Lions have losses this year but they were competitive in each game. They even played OSU fairly well for the most part. This isn’t a bad team. Franklin has recruited well in Happy Valley but the on field production the last few years has not shown it. Will the PSU faithful want to keep him or will they let him go to greener pastures at the end of the year?
  • “The Game” should be good this year. Both Ohio State and Michigan look to be one loss teams going into it. Could the Wolverines be the victors this season?
  • Bottom half of the conference is not good. It’s a free for all down there. But hey, what else is new?
  • If Nebraska didn’t play another down this season, would anyone care?

1. Ohio State (9-1 Overall 7-0 Big Ten)

Ohio State beat up the giant killer of Purdue. Big game this week with Michigan State coming to town.

2. Wisconsin (7-3 Overall 5-2 Big Ten)

Northwestern didn’t stand a chance. The Big Ten West title is in their hands. All they need to do is take care of Nebraska and Minnesota to claim it. Cheese and beer is the official food of the conference.

3. Michigan (9-1 Overall 6-1 Big Ten)

A very nice win over Penn State. I’m not saying this team will beat the Buckeyes, but they should at least put a scare in them. It should be a showdown between two ten win teams in two weeks if they take care of Maryland this weekend. Michigan, take care of Maryland this weekend.

4. Michigan State (9-1 Overall 6-1 Big Ten)

Maryland never stood a chance.

5. Iowa (8-2 Overall 6-2 Big Ten)

A nice close win against rival Minnesota. For once it was a fun game to watch. Iowa, you should try making each game somewhat enjoyable to watch.

6. Purdue (6-4 Overall 4-3 Big Ten)

Yeah, OSU was too much to upset. It’s okay though. You did enough this year to make a bowl which is not something I would have seen at the beginning of the season. Boiler Up!

7. Penn State (6-4 Overall 3-4 Big Ten)

Not the ending that PSU wanted at all. Michigan is good and no one is stable in Happy Valley.

8. Minnesota (6-4 Overall 4-3 Big Ten)

Goldy, you were so close. So very close to winning this matchup. Again, sent home without the bacon.

9. Illinois (4-6 Overall 3-4 Big Ten)


10. Rutgers (5-5 Overall 2-5 Big Ten)

One more win and you are bowl eligible. Let me say that again, Rutgers might just be bowl eligible this season. Second year under Schiano and they are already there. It may not happen this weekend at Penn State but you could pull it off against Maryland at the end of the year.

11. Nebraska (3-7 Overall 1-6 Big Ten)


12. Maryland (5-5 Overall 2-5 Big Ten)

You have the other Michigan this weekend and will probably not win that one either. The Terps are in the same position as Rutgers. One more win and you go bowling. Will it happen against Rutgers? Ya know, I might just watch this game. Well, maybe I wont.

13. Northwestern (3-7 Overall 1-6 Big Ten)

2022 Big Ten West Champs. You heard it here first.

14. Indiana (2-8 Overall 0-7 Big Ten)

Hi, how are you guys doing?