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Nebraska WBB Beats Alabama A&M 88-33

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Issie Bourne once again showed she is a force to be reckoned with

Scott Bruhn

First Quarter

The Huskers came out cold from long range and it took nearly two minutes for either team to get on the scoreboard - Alabama A&M took a 2-0 lead. Issie Bourne answered quickly and the Huskers grabbed a 6-2 lead to force a timeout.

The Husker defense was on-point as they registered four steals in the first four minutes. Jaz Shelley is running some really good transition offense in the early going finding both Haiby and Bourne for layups. Then she took a steal deep into the paint and kicked out to Ashley Scoggin for the first three of the game.

Issie Bourne alone is worth the price of admission as she has been active on both offense and defense. A&M is going to have to double team her or she’s going to end up with 40 points.

Nebraska 25 Alabama A&M 4

Second Quarter

Just like the first quarter, A&M got on the board before the Huskers. This time, they scored seven straight before Bella Cravens scored on a pick and roll. That was it for the Husker offense for several minutes. One good thing is that MiCole Cayton entered the game - whatever injury sidelined her seems to have been minor.

Through the first half of the quarter A&M outscored Nebraska 13-2 to close within 10 points at the media timeout. The Huskers went to a press and immediately forced a 10 second call. At three minutes, Ashley Scoggin broke the field goal drought with a three to extend the lead to 31-17. The Huskers need to practice free throw shooting. They aren’t doing well - although the live stats aren’t working so I can’t tell you exactly what the % is.

Nebraska 34 A&M 19

Third Quarter

Jaz Shelley doesn’t have any points so far, but she is rebounding well. The Huskers scored first in this quarter on a Sam Haiby drive to the basket. Bella Cravens hit a three pointer - THIS IS NOT A DRILL! The Huskers have scored the first eight points of the quarter and lead 43-19. Jaz Shelley went coast-to-coast, scored the basket and got the foul. She decided that was fun and did it again after making a steal on the other end. The Husker defense powered a 18-0 run to start the quarter and extend the lead to 52-19 before A&M free throws got them on the board halfway through the quarter. The score at the media timeout was 52-21.

Alison Weidner is running point for a young group of Huskers on the floor.

Nebraska 64 A&M 29

The Huskers have forced over 20 turnovers so far this game. They also scored the first eight points of the quarter before A&M got a basket 3 12 minutes in. The Huskers are not going to break 100 in this one but are close to a 50 point lead as the score is 78-31 with four minutes left. And Whitney Brown did get the lead over 50 with a three pointer.

Final. Nebraska 88 Alabama A&M 33

There were no live stats so I don’t have a lot of numbers for you. Issie Bourne was over 20 points and Jaz Shelley was over 10 rebounds. A lot of bench players got a lot of time on the floor, which should pay dividends further down the road.

Next up is Creighton. Go Big Red!

Update - I found these stats