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Cornhuskers React: Most Nebraska Fans Agree With the Decision to Keep Scott Frost

Husker fan confidence improves with the changes in assistant coaches

Ohio State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

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Most Fans Agree with Trev Alberts’ Decision to Keep Frost

I have to admit to being a little bit surprised by this number, but 85% of Husker fans agree with Trev Alberts’ call to keep Frost at the helm. I’m guessing that the housecleaning within the assistant coaching staff made that decision more palatable for many.

Is the Husker Football Program Headed in the Right Direction?

Last week, only 44% of you thought the program was on the right track. If Frost had been retained without making major changes to his staff, I’m guessing the confidence level would still be pretty low. Time will tell if Frost makes the right hires to save his job, but for now, Husker fans are happy that changes are afoot.

College Football Playoff

Across all of the SB Nation readership, 23 of fans think the College Football Playoff Committee is still getting it wrong. Of course, it the kind of year where it might be hard to get it right...

Cincinnati Should Be in the Playoff

This hasn’t changed much over time. SB Nation readers have kept beating the drum that the Bearcats should be in the playoff. 61% of you pick the Bearcats compared to 24% picking Oklahoma and 8% picking Michigan State.

Who Should Be Out?

While fans clearly want Cincinnati in the playoff, they are less certain about who should be out to make room for the Bearcats. It is a close pick but the plurality feel that Oregon should be out and 34% think Ohio State should be. 26% picked Alabama as the least deserving top four team.

Game of the Week

41% of you picked Oklahoma at Baylor as the game of the week. Others (38%) want to watch the world burn and are eagerly awaiting to see if Purdue has another upset left in them.

There you have it!

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