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Ben Stille A Scouting Perspective

How does the defensive lineman translate to the NFL

Michigan v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

The Nebraska defensive line continues to be a strength of their team and is led by Super Senior Ben Stille who leads the group in both tackles and sacks. With his presence all over the Ohio State game I decided to make him the focus of this week’s Scouting Perspective.

What he does Well

Tony Tuioti clearly views Stille as one of their best pass rushing defensive tackles as he was in on several passing situations. Stille is at his best when he is attacking and getting into the backfield to disrupt the play. You wouldn’t say Stille is an explosive athlete, but he has enough quickness and lateral agility to beat lineman into the backfield.

In the third quarter Stille engaged with the right guard and used lateral agility along with a club move to get past and finish with a tackle for loss on running back TreVeyon Henderson. Stille uses that same agility as a pass rusher as he does well to engage with defenders but is able to slip off with lateral moves and hand fighting.

Areas of Concern

Against Ohio State Stille did have some struggles and they mainly came against the run. Too often Stille would struggle at the point of attack and was often displaced. Several times Stille would go to anchor in but the lineman was able to drive him back and often knock Stille down to a knee. Other times when Stille was able to get into the backfield he would get too deep and lineman were able to push him past the play.

As a pass rusher Stille’s need to attack the lineman to get past does have its drawbacks. Because he has to engage with defenders if he doesn’t win initially, Stille can get hung up on blocks and be neutralized.

NFL Outlook

At 6’5 and 290lbs Stille has the size of an NFL defensive lineman but lacks both the necessary athletic traits and production which will likely lead to him going undrafted. Stille needs a team who wants their defensive lineman to attack to invite him to their team’s Rookie OTA’s. From there he will have to impress them enough to get a camp invite. But more than likely Stille will have to hope to take part in a developmental league like the XFL that will give him a chance to continue his professional career.