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Where Should Scott Frost Turn To Fix The Offense

Frost should follow the same path as a former conference foe

Ohio State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

There is no way that Nebraska football could have ended this season and gone into 2022 the same. Changes had to be made, whether that was firing Scott Frost or making some major changes to the coaching staff.

As we saw Monday afternoon, it was the latter that happened. So now that Frost has fired the entire offensive coaching staff (except Scott Beckton) what does he do now? Does Scott Frost take control of the offense with just a new staff? Or does Frost go full CEO and let somebody new come in and run their own offense.

In the video below, I get into the following topics:

1. Will Frost hire someone to run his offense?

2. Will Frost take more of a CEO approach?

3. Should Frost look to bring in former Huskers to his coaching staff?

4. Which current Power 5 Coach should Frost look to emulate?

5. Where should he go to find his new offensive coaching staff