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Corn Nation’s Big Ten Rankings - Week 10

A bit of movement has happened in the rankings this week.

Penn State v Ohio State Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Welcome back! It’s week ten and we have some folks moving up and down the rankings. The Big Ten seems firmly in Ohio State’s control. I mean, they could be beat by Michigan State or Michigan. They could, but I think at this point it is highly unlikely. Here are a few other observations:

  • Well, the battle of the mitten proved once again that “little brother” can still take “big brother’s” lunch money. Do you think Harbaugh will get fired going 10-2? It would be “mighty Nebraskan” of them to do so. I mean, he could also just leave but where would he go next? Florida State? Virginia Tech? Nebraska?
  • Ohio State is still king of the castle for the most part and is only getting stronger.
  • I’m getting to the point where I don’t believe anyone in the West wants the title. Well, maybe Fleck so he can bounce to another job.
  • I’m starting to believe in Rutgers. They’re the little engine that could. I hope they get to the point to where they can be in the middle of the East.
  • The Nebraska fanbase needs help. I’m thinking psychological. A rabid fanbase can only take so much.
  • The bottom of the conference is getting bad, really bad.
  • Also, when did we start skipping Thanksgiving and going straight to Christmas? I’m sure I complain about this every year but turkey day is such a wonderful holiday. All you need to do is eat and watch football. Well, also cook and clean if your family relies upon you to do that.
  • Milk and Cheese is a highly underrated comic.

1. Ohio State (7-1 Overall 5-0 Big Ten)

The Death Star is online and fully operational. The “rebels” don’t stand a chance.

2. Michigan State (8-0 Overall 5-0 Big Ten)

Wow, just wow. There is no way I would believe in August that Michigan State would be this good. They may not be perfect but their record is. Enjoy it and hope that your coach doesn’t get poached this offseason.

3. Michigan (7-1 Overall 4-1 Big Ten)

The Wolverines are a good team with a good coach. I wonder if they will every turn into a great team with a great coach? Will the alumni wait to find out? Will Harbaugh stay around long enough to find out?

4. Wisconsin (5-3 Overall 3-2 Big Ten)

It was a rough start to the year but you folks have turned out just fine. Enjoy pulverizing Northwestern this weekend.

5. Minnesota (6-2 Overall 4-1 Big Ten)

PJ Fleck and his rowers are sitting pretty in their yacht. Is everyone still making fun of them?

6. Iowa (6-2 Overall 3-2 Big Ten)

This is normal for Iowa. Hype yourself up and then come falling back down to reality.

7. Penn State (5-3 Overall 2-3 Big Ten)

So close, yet so far away. Something will break the Nittany Lions way at some point, right? Or, is this their peak. Has Franklin done everything he could in happy Valley? So many questions for the post season.

8. Purdue (5-3 Overall 3-2 Big Ten)

Purdue Purdid against the Huskers. It was practically given to you but a win is a win.

9. Maryland (5-3 Overall 2-3 Big Ten)

Eeeked out a win against Indiana. Hey, it’s a win. I still have yet to see a down you’ve played this year. I think crabbing season is now over.

10. Rutgers (4-4 Overall 1-4 Big Ten)

Congrats, you beat Illinois. This is one of the better seasons that Rutgers has had in quite some time. Woohoo Rutgers!

11. Illinois (3-6 Overall 2-4 Big Ten)

Illinois likes to move up now and again but never fully comes out of the basement. Basketball starts soon.

12. Northwestern (3-5 Overall 1-4 Big Ten)


13. Nebraska (3-6 Overall 1-5 Big Ten)

Not at the bottom...yet.

14. Indiana (2-6 Overall 0-5 Big Ten)

You probably thought I would put Nebraska at the bottom? Nope, Indiana has actually had a worse year than the Huskers. At least the Husker lose at a competitive rate. I can’t say that for the Hoosiers.