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Scott Frost Day News: A Yuengling a Day, Dough-ki, and Misery All Around College Football

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At least the Huskers have plenty of company when it comes to misery this season

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Purdue v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Good Monday morning!

Well, the garden has been put to bed for the year here in northeast Nebraska. We are predicted to get a few flakes of snow shortly - something I never look forward to.

Ranchhand 3 made it back from the National FFA Convention about the time the clock hit zeroes on the Huskers’ loss to Purdue. They didn’t even have the game playing on the TV monitors in the bus. If Trev Alberts is worried about losing a generation of Husker fans, he is probably right to be worried. My kids, and most of their friends, are pretty ambivalent about watching the Huskers. They pay attention to wins and losses but they don’t worry if other plans come up during games.

My generation still cares a fair bit about the Huskers even if they’ve grown frustrated and do things like put the game on audio and go outside to get yard work done rather than watch. This next generation has never known a highly successful Husker football team. They don’t have the strong attachment or investment as a fan.

Every year the Huskers continue to lose more games than they win is one year closer to this lukewarm fan base becoming the one athletic department officials will be trying to lure to the seats. Tick. Tock.

Frosted Flakes

The small-town cafe that can: Business booming thanks to Twitter - NORTHEAST - NEWS CHANNEL NEBRASKA
Retired social studies teacher Laura Nelson is used to seeing her small town send its children, and its dollars, off to bigger cities. But lately, things look a little different to her.

Pluhowsky Wins the PWBA Tour Championship - University of Nebraska
RENO, Nev. - Husker legend Shannon Pluhowsky won the Professional Women’s Bowling Association Tour Championship that ran from Friday-Sunday.

Frustration hits ‘all-time high’ for Huskers after demoralizing home loss to Purdue | Football |
Scott Frost said “magic speeches” weren’t going to save his reeling team this year and turned the postgame message over to his captains.

Huskers lose to Purdue 28-23 with four turnovers
It’s different than the first game of the year, it’s different than the eighth game in eight weeks.

Fast Takes after Huskers drop one to Boilermakers
Four turnovers for Nebraska, none for the other side. Passes through fingertips, third-and-longs allowed. Misses here, there, and everywhere.

Sportin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

Matt Araiza and the Best Punting Season in College Football History - The Ringer
The Punter That Was Promised has arrived—and he’s redefining value at the position

Zamir White’s journey from two weeks to live to Georgia’s star back and beyond
Georgia’s Zamir White nearly died as an infant due to numerous health problems, but he has grown into “Zeus,” a star running back on the nation’s best team.

TCU, football coach Gary Patterson parting ways, effective immediately
Gary Patterson, 61, coached his last TCU football game on Saturday, a loss against Kansas State. He took over the Horned Frogs program in 2000.

A tale of the Big Ten - Michigan State, Ohio State and the line between good and great
Georgia is great. Everyone else? Hard to say. Saturday’s games were supposed to offer answers. That brings us to the Big Ten.

Philadelphia Eagles OT Lane Johnson opens up about anxiety, three-game absence
Lane Johnson opened up about his ongoing battle with anxiety and his three-game absence earlier this season.

Misery Index notebook: Texas wasted money on new coaching staff; Iowa was massively overrated
Texas paid big to buy out Tom Herman and hire Steve Sarkisian, but the results haven’t improved. And Iowa’s once promising season now an afterthought.

Braves organist trolls Alex Bregman with Free Fallin in Game 5 of World Series - Sports Illustrated
Atlanta’s organist played “Free Fallin” before the struggling Alex Bregman went to bat but it didn’t work out the way they hoped.

Controversial penalty on Mike Hilton ended Bengals’ comeback vs Jets - Cincy Jungle
The Bengals deserved to lose, but this was as bad of a call as you’ll ever see.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

Cabinet designed by Charles, Ray Eames auctions for $48,000
A newlywed Michigan couple bought the cabinet in the 1950s for $100 dollars, not knowing it was an original Eames storage unit.

Lost hiker on Mount Elbert ignored rescuers' calls, thinking they were spam : NPR
A search and rescue unit in Colorado says a hiker spent the night in the forest after they "ignored repeated phone calls from us because they didn't recognize the number."

The birthplace of New Zealand tourism - BBC Travel
Although New Zealand's Pink and White Terraces were destroyed in a volcanic eruption in 1886, travellers can still explore this bubbling, boiling landscape today.

Asian spider takes hold in Georgia, sends humans scurrying
ATLANTA (AP) — A large spider native to East Asia has spun its thick, golden web on power lines, porches and vegetable patches all over north Georgia this year — a proliferation that has driven some unnerved homeowners indoors and prompted a flood of anxious social media posts.

A memory researcher explores the science — and value — of forgetting | CBC Radio
Dr. Scott Small's new book suggests forgetting is a key to human cognition and happiness.

What is the metaverse? 2 media and information experts explain
The metaverse is science fiction, but a lot of people in Silicon Valley are working to make this interconnected virtual reality a, well, reality.

Strawberry Pop Tart attorney has filed more than 400 similar lawsuits : NPR
Attorney Spencer Sheehan has sued over not enough strawberries, little or no actual vanilla and how much lime constitutes "a hint of lime" in chips. Companies often pay to make these lawsuits go away.

Three 19th-Century Shipwrecks Discovered in Lake Superior | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine
"[W]e have never located so many new wrecks in one season," says the director of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society

Why We Drink -
The anthropological roots of humanity's love of booze

Meet three people who may see the world completely differently than you do | Nature of Things
Synesthesia, achromatopsia and tetrachromacy are conditions that remind us how individual colour perception can be

Return to Sender? Stolen Elvis bust is back in Illinois bar
WEST PEORIA, Ill. (AP) — The King of Rock n’ Roll is back in the building. An Elvis Presley bust that was swiped from a central Illinois bar has been returned after the story of its theft attracted international attention.

Another Week - Another Poop Article

Poop-Derived Fruits Are Known to Grow in Sewage Plants | Discover Magazine
Some hearty seeds pass right through us and sprout up amid our excrement at sewage plants, thanks to a combination of helpful nutrients and moisture. Some employees have been rumored to snack on these fortuitous fruits.

Then There’s This

Baker Sculpting an Alligator Out of Bread Presents a Loaf For Loki
One House Bakery spent months making this dragon called Dough-ki, it’s made entirely from bread and is modeled on the Marvel character Loki.

Yuengling Beer Delivers Truckload of Lager to 106-Year-old Woman Who Drinks a Can Every Day (WATCH)
Yuengling brewery delivered 20 cases of free beer to 107-year-old Margaret Dilullo—her favorite lager that she drinks every day.

Man Goes to Six Flags Just for the Food | Mental Floss
An electrical engineer in California figured out that a season pass to Six Flags with two free meals daily means he could eat for about 20 cents per meal. It’s a good plan, but you have to really like chicken balls.