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Nebraska 29 Michigan 32 Recap and #AfterDark Thread

Not going to say anything about...anything...yep....

Michigan v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Memorial Stadium is ready to erupt according to...well, everyone. Let’s hope the Huskers give them something to celebrate.

First Quarter

The Wolverines decided to test Nebraska’s special teams right away and ended up with the ball on their own 20. Michigan wants to run the ball, so they come out passing of course.

FALSE START - on the Wolverines!

Three and out! Caleb Tannor pressured McNamara into an errant throw on third down.

Oliver Martin fair caught the ball on the Husker 20.

Rahmir Johnson takes the screen pass into Wolverine territory!

But Nebraska could get no further. On fourth and six at the 35, Frost left the offense out there.

OMAR MANNING!!!! Red zone.

On fourth and two at the three yard line, Frost goes for it again.

No good. Everyone in the stadium, Michigan’s defense included, knew that Adrian was going to keep that ball.

The Wolverines managed a couple of first downs but on third and 10, big Ben Stille tipped the ball. Incomplete (wide open receiver would have had the first down easily).

Jacquez Yant is in the game and gained a decent chunk on first down.

The Wolverines grabbed Samori Toure and the holding call gave the Huskers a first down.

An option pitch to Falck that gained nine yards was called back on a low block by Cam Jurgens (a very very late call).

That penalty led to fourth and eight and Will Przystup punted. The Husker special teams nearly made a big play but the ball skipped into the front corner of the end zone. That is a big mistake because two Huskers were there and could have downed it at the one if they were more decisive.

On third and five, Michigan false starts. Chalk one up for the crowd.

Crap. Easy first down to a wide open tight end in the middle of the field. After another decent completion, the Wolverines cross midfield for the first time.

Michigan loads up for the home run ball and Cam Taylor-Britt shows up big again.

On third and eight - Ty Robinson pulls down McNamara for the sack!

The punt pins the Huskers deep - the six yard line.

Second Quarter

Martinez found Oliver Martin for a first down.

Jaq Yant caught a pass for another first down, but it was called back for illegal formation. Sigh. Second and thirteen.

Damn. Martinez threw behind Austin Allen. Intercepted.

Michigan brings in their backup QB, McCarthy, to change things up. The Wolverines enter the red zone facing third and four.

STUFFED! Damion Daniels.

The Wolverines make the field goal.

Michigan 3 Nebraska 0

The Huskers didn’t get far and Przstup had to punt.

OMG WE CAN COVER PUNT RETURNS! The Wolverine returner was dropped right away for a 53 yard net punt.

New penalty alert!?? The Huskers were called for “disconcerting signals” on defense.

I call bullshit.

The Blackshirts responded by stopping the third down play. Fourth and one at the Michigan 44. Harbaugh called a timeout and finally got the officials to review the spot.

Apparently Michigan can have five in the backfield with no illegal formation. And their players can hold Domann. Sigh.

First down.

Of course, the Wolverines take a big shot out of that officiating shitshow. First and goal.

First and goal. Incomplete (Taylor-Britt).

Second and goal. Bullshit touchdown call. Replay overrules it.

Third and goal (from the three inch line). Touchdown. The QB was down before the handoff, but Frost has to call a timeout to try and work the refs the same way Harbaugh did earlier.


Fourth and three. Field goal is good.

Michigan 6 Nebraska 0

Adrian Martinez is hit from behind and it is ruled a fumble - recovered by Michigan.

The Nebraska #B1GHatesUs conspiracy theories are out in full force.

Overturned. Incomplete.

Pass intereference on Micnhigan on the next play.

Martinez evades the rush to find Levi Falck for the first down. Huskers are at midfield.

After two incompletions, Teddy Prochazka is down clutching a knee. He walks off under his own power. Corcoran moves back to left tackle and Benhart comes in at right tackle.

Loss of yardage. Fourth down. 1:47 left in the half. The delay of game penalty doesn’t help as the punt doesn’t get past the 20.

Michigan does into high tempoand approaches midfield with 1:13 left.

The Wolverines are approaching field goal range and have to burn two timeouts. And they get into field goal range with 27 seconds left.

Pass interference against JoJo with 13 seconds left sets up Michigan with first and goal.


Touchdown Michigan.

Wolverines Gifted 13 Nebraska 0

Nebraska has had their chances. The officiating is what it is and Michigan is making better plays than Nebraska right now.



You get NO HALFTIME NOTES. I am too mad.

But seriously, Nebraska needs to learn how to make plays and not put themselves into situations where we blame refs. They need to get past their reputation and make the damn plays.

Third Quarter

The Huskers opened the second half with some quick completions, but also some stuffs.

On third and 11, ADRIAN GETS LOOSE FOR 20 and moves past midfield.

AUSTIN ALLEN TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!! Nebraska needed that. All the fans still holding on to balloons needed that.

Michigan 13 Nebraska 7

The Blackshirts came through on the next possession and forced a punt.

The Nebraska offense got a bit of energy, but was forced to punt.

Michigan muffed it, but recovered (although it looked like the Huskers were right there). Nebraska special teams has been on the cusp of really good plays tonight. They need to follow through. AND SOON.

The Wolverines crossed midfield and a big play set up first and goal at the three.

UM touchdown. The two-point conversion was no good.

Michigan 19 Nebraska 7

Nebraska play calls their way past midfield. AND THEY DO IT AGAIN FOR A TOUCHDOWN.

Martinez to Rahmir Johnson.

Michigan 19 Nebraska 14

The Blackshirts decided to take matters into their own hands DEONTAI WILLIAMS INTERCEPTIONS.

Next play:

Levi Falck rececption for TOUCHDOWN!!!!

Go for two. Adrian keeper.

Nebraska 22 Michigan 19

I can’t even post gifs right now. #GBR

Fourth Quarter


Michigan got past midfield (sorry - still can’t post gifs) and was intercepted in the end zone (called back on an offsides penalty).

Aw shit. Wolverine touchdown.

Michigan 26 Nebraska 19

Some plays happened. Martinez did a Houdini thing to escape pressure and find Oliver Martin.

More plays. Austin Allen. Red zone.


Nebraska 29 Michigan 26

The Wolverines ran behind holds (not called) to get into the red zone.

With 3:40 left, Michigan faced third and seven at the Husker nine yard line.

False start.

Third and 12. Incomplete.

Field goal. 31 yard attempt is good.

Nebraska 29 Michigan 29

There are 3:00 minutes left.

Nebraska runs the ball—and Adrian fumbles.

Michigan ball.

Michigan field goal at 1:24

Michgan 32 Nebrasaka 29

Martinez to Toure - midfield.

Several plays happened. Nebraska was probably one play away from field goal range. But they willl be remembered for not winning.


Michigan 32 Nebraska 29

Not interested in further analysis.