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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Michigan

The Huskers are playing for pride and respect his week and they are sure to come out on top.

Northwestern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

I’m so excited for the game tomorrow!

Aside from that first game, the Huskers have been stepping up to the challenges that this year has given them. Can we really even count that game? It was Week 0. That’s preseason. It’s basically a scrimmage.

Playing and beating Michigan in prime time is going to be awesome.

Many of the reasons that the Huskers will beat the Wolverines may sound familiar, but they are the strengths of this team.


This game is going to be a showdown of two great defenses. While Michigan touts a solid running game, Nebraska’s defense has proven it can shut down even the most explosive rushers. Remember how everyone thought Kenneth Walker was going to run all over them. He ended up with 61 yards on 19 caries, including a 23 yard run in overtime.

I also like the match up of Nebraska’s pass defense with Michigan’s pass offense. Last week wasn’t the best game for the safeties and corners, but I think they will bounce back this week better than ever. The Husker secondary is going to get some take aways to help get the victory.

Also, have you seen the level that JoJo Domann, Garrett Nelson, and Luke Reimer have been playing at. They’ve been all over the field making plays and I can’t wait to see the intensity that they bring on Saturday.


I know, I name Adrian as a reason nearly every week, but he will be an important part in getting Nebraska the win. He is making the plays that his team needs to win the game. Martinez’s efficiency in running the options helps make the Huskers harder to defend.

His mobility is also something other teams have to account for. They cannot fully commit to stopping the pass, when there is the threat of a quarterback who can scramble for 70 yards. Michigan hasn’t faced a quarter back like him yet this year.

He also has receivers that are big play threats. That’s a lot for a defense to keep track of.


Yant and Johnson have the one-two punch that Nebraska is going to need to rush the ball in this game. When he gets a big hole, Johnson has the speed to match the Wolverine defense.

And Yant has the size, strength, and stiff arm to get the Huskers some yards after contact.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of this on Saturday:


I’m going out on a limb here as there has only been a one game test to this new offensive line, but a Husker victory will come behind the line we saw last week. Freshman, Teddy Prochazka and Sophomore, Nouredin Nouili got their chances to show themselves last week and I don’t think they’re turning back.

This line is going to limit mistakes and open up holes so that we all get the chance to see some more Yant stiff arms.


The last time Michigan played Nebraska it wasn’t pretty. For those of you who don’t remember, it was in 2018 and you should look it up.

I can’t tell you any more details, because I don’t want to relive that.

Some of the Juniors and Seniors on this Husker team don’t want to relive it either. They will be looking for redemption. This Husker team is going to win to show Michigan that they can’t come in a push the Huskers around like they were able to do three years ago.

This win is going to be the sweetest one yet.