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Thursday Night Game Thread

Tulane v Houston Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Hey remember when college football had marque games on Thursday? When Virginia Tech was good and for some reason had magic on these crisp fall night? ESPN made a big deal out of it and we all watched collectively with joy?

Well, those days are gone. With colleges wanting their Saturdays back and the NFL creeping in on Thursday there is little reason to put a major game during the week anymore. You see it every once in awhile but not a lot. So, we get games like we do tonight.

Tonight we have a #15 ranked Coastal Carolina against a not good Arkansas State team on ESPNU. It bumps right up against a decent Houston Cougar team that will be playing a one win Tulsa. I say flip a coin on which one you want to watch or just channel flip between until one game becomes more intriguing that the other.


Thursday Night Football

Game Time CT Network (Channel Guide)
Game Time CT Network (Channel Guide)
Thursday, October 7th
Coastal Carolina at Arkansas State 6:30 PM ESPNU /�ESPN Video
Houston at Tulane 6:30 PM ESPN /�ESPN Video