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Hey Rube...

Nebraska Coach Bob Devaney and Asstistant Coach Tom Osborne SetNumber: X9635

These aren’t the first words to be written about you.

Nor are they the best.

But what I hope you learn in time

Is that they stand out among the rest.

Your script or block N,

Your scarlet and cream,

There’s an energy I feel

When I see the team.

Years of heartache but also victory

It’s a privilege to see you on my tv.

Seeing you live is a lot to unload

Even if I’ve only seen you on the road.

One day I’ll walk through those gates

And take in your gameday vibe.

‘Til that day comes I’ll cheer from home

And just enjoy the ride.

Someday hopefully years from now

I’ll finally bow my head.

And in that moment I’ll think back

And hear my sons say “Go Big Red.”

Ode to the Huskers by Greg Mehochko