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Week 5 College Football Review: Iowa In The College Football Playoff?

It pains me greatly to suggest this...

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Iowa v Maryland Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

A review of the past weekend in college football.

Dreams were smashed, hopes crushed as Oregon lost to Stanford 31-24 in overtime, effectively eliminating the Pac-12 from college football playoff contention.

Alabama cruised, as did Georgia. Texas A&M did not cruise, but got beat to go 0-2 in the SEC. They are paying Jimbo Fisher $94M in guaranteed money. They play Alabama next. How bad will it in Aggieville?

Wake Forest is the best team in the ACC. Can they make the college football playoff?

The Big Ten - Ohio State was angry and smashed Rutgers. Penn State smashed crappy Indiana. Michigan smashed offensive-less Wisconsin, who are now 1-3 for the first time since 1990. You know what happened in 1990? Barry Alvarez arrived. Does this mean Wisconsin will revert to shitty Wisconsin now that Alvarez is gone? Probably.

IOWA demolished Maryland. Terp QBs through 6 interceptions. Does Iowa even need an offense?

My College Football Playoff Four right now:

- Alabama

- Georgia

- Iowa

- Cincinnati


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