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Corn Nation’s Big Ten Rankings - Week Six

This is not how I thought the conference would be like at this point in the season

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The PAC-12 and ACC are basically out of the running for the College Football Playoff. The Big Ten still has some contenders. Penn State, Iowa, Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan State are all technically in contention for a berth.

At least one of these will most likely be out of the running by the end of day Saturday is my guess. I mean someone will lose the Penn State vs. Iowa matchup, but will it be enough to miss out on the playoff? Will they then meet in the Big Ten Championship? Will the winner of the first game become the loser of the second? Will there be two one loss teams in contention at the end of the year? Will that lead to two teams from the Big Ten and two (let’s be honest they are) teams from the SEC? Does Cincy matter?

No, actually none of this matters. Watch some Ingmar Bergman and you will understand.

So many questions....

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1. Penn State (5-0 Overall 2-0 Big Ten)

Yes, I’m keeping Penn State at number one this week. Will they be here next week? Who really knows as they go to Iowa City to take on the Hawkeyes in a top 5 matchup. The winner will automatically get this spot next week. Also, your win against Wisconsin is looking less impressive every week.

2. Iowa (5-0 Overall 2-0 Big Ten)

Iowa, I have no idea why I pushed you down to number four last week. Good luck against the Nittany Lions on Saturday.

3. Ohio State (4-1 Overall 2-0 Big Ten)

Sorry, I had you ranked too high. You are not number two, you are currently number three. I imagine you might be back to number two next week depending on how good the top two teams play each other next week.

4. Michigan (5-0 Overall 2-0 Big Ten)

Hail, hail to Michigan. I hope you get beat.

5. Michigan State (5-0 Overall 2-0 Big Ten)

Man, these guy’s just keep winning. Whatever Mel Tucker put in the water, it’s working. And whatever he took from Colorado, that’s also working because the Buffs stink.

6. Maryland (4-1 Overall 1-1 Big Ten)

Hey, they lost to a powerhouse Iowa squad. I still think they’ve got enough in them to make it to the middle of the conference. Oh yeah, I still haven’t seen a single quarter that this team has played.

7. Minnesota (3-2 Overall 1-1 Big Ten)

You’re here because no one trusts you Minnesota. I don’t know what you are going to do week to week. I’m guessing you probably should have beaten Purdue by more, but you didn’t. Man, I’m coming down hard on the Gophers...

8. Nebraska (3-3 Overall 1-2 Big Ten)

They beat up on this year’s Big Ten bottom feeder Northwestern. Now they get “another” big time game against Michigan. Can Frost steal one from Harbaugh?

9. Wisconsin (1-3 Overall 0-2 Big Ten)

I have no clue what is going on in Wisconsin but Penn Stat’s win against them is looking worse and worse every week.

10. Rutgers (3-2 Overall 0-2 Big Ten)

Hey, you got pounded by Ohio State. Many teams get pounded by Ohio State. You can still pull off a bowl trip.

11. Indiana (2-3 Overall 0-2 Big Ten)

What happened Indiana? You were America’s darling in 2020. I expected you to get beat by Penn State but not blanked. Oh wait, you get Michigan State this weekend? Yeah, you might be dropping even farther.

12. Purdue (3-2 Overall 1-1 Big Ten)

You got beat again, Purdue. Quit getting beat and you will pull yourself out of the basement.

13. Illinois (2-4 Overall 1-2 Big Ten)

You beat Charlotte. Charlotte could have beaten you. You only move up because the other school from your state is actually worse than you. Look at the bright side, you beat Nebraska?

14. Northwestern (2-3 Overall 0-2 Big Ten)

Pat Fitzgerald will have a team that wins the Big Ten West in 2021.

Max v. Sydow swedish actor - with Bengt Ekerot in ‘The seventh seal’ 1957 Photo by ullstein bild/ullstein bild via Getty Images