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Time For The Scott Frost Era To End At Nebraska

Let’s end this and move on.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for the Scott Frost era at Nebraska to end.

This was a very winnable game for Nebraska against a not very good Purdue team. Frost had a bye week to prepare for this game, and this was the result. He had an entire offseason to prepare for a poor Illinois team, knowing damned well how important it was, and we saw how that turned out.

This was a great year for Frost to win a weak Big Ten West division.

We have no clue as what we’re doing on offense. We have some good athletes, probably more than the rest of the Big Ten West. We still can’t figure out how to win games after four years. The loss by one score has become a running joke.

I don’t have a lot of faith he’ll be out, but I don’t believe he has any answers on how to fix the losing.

Many will want to blame Adrian Martinez, who has had his share of issues. It isn’t Adrian’s fault Frost didn’t recruit well enough to have a backup quarterback ready to replace him when Adrian struggled.

You can point to the offensive line, how young they are. This is year four, and if you don’t have your players in place to play, one has to wonder if you ever will.

It’s time to find another head coach for Nebraska football.