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The Morning After: It Was Pure Joy In Nebraska’s 49 Point Win Over Northwestern

After several years of anticipation and heart break from simply bad play to heart breaking mistakes, last night marked the first night Nebraska fans have had an opportunity to experience joy from watching a Husker football game.

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Northwestern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Five games into the 2021 season, it felt like whatever could go wrong did go wrong for Nebraska. In the 49 point win over Northwestern last night, whatever could go right, did go right for Scott Frost and his players.


For me personally, it was my first game at Memorial Stadium as a fan since the Ohio State game in 2019. I have been going to games for over 25 years and last night was a first for me.

I was at the 2001 Oklahoma game when Eric Crouch caught the Black 41 Flash Reverse pass that everybody remembers. The feeling during that game was a feeling of exhilaration. After the Crouch catch the man behind me literally grabbed my shoulders and was shaking me. A complete stranger.

Then there is the 2009 Oklahoma game when a Suh led Nebraska team won the game 10-3. That game had a feeling of repeated anticipation and relief. It was over and over again as the defense continued to shut down Oklahoma.

There is only way I can describe the feeling being in that Memorial Stadium last night.

It was joy and it was all around me.

Maybe the source of the joy was relief. Relief from constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. When is Nebraska going to make that back-breaking-soul-crushing mistake? It didn’t happen last night and it looked like the coaching staff and the players weren’t expecting it to happen.

Nebraska came out swinging from the word “Go.”

Nebraska dialed up a 70 yard reception by Samori Toure on the first play from scrimmage. Frost even admitted that if Toure didn’t go up and fight for that ball then it is probably intercepted.

Things that could go right, did go right for Nebraska.

One of the best moments of the night was the crowd’s response to a punt. Last week against Michigan State there was a net seven yard punt by William Przystup. It didn’t help that his co-punter Daniel Cerni kicked it the wrong direction which cost Nebraska in the same game.

Time for redemption. There was only one punt last night and Przystup took a crack at it. Before the snap, the ball was at the Nebraska 10 yard line. Would it be another shank? Maybe in the wrong direction? What ended up happening was that Przystup tied Sam Koch for the second longest punt in the history of Nebraska football.

84 yards.

Things that could go right, did go right for Nebraska.

Now we know Northwestern is not the same team as the one that won the West Division in 2020. They lost a lot of players. However, if Nebraska won by 14 then fans would have walked away from a win like that satisfied.

However, there wouldn’t be dancing in the seats like last night. There wouldn’t have been the constant “Go Big Red” chants. Or a student section starting the wave. Then doing a “slow motion” wave, then doing a “fast forward” wave like what happened last night. The entire stadium joined in with the fun.


When was the last time you had fun watching Nebraska football? Speaking for myself, it has been probably a decade. I might have to ponder that one. Nate Clouse tweeted out that last night was one big therapy session for Nebraska football. He has a great point.

Then the icing on the cake was what I would call “Turn the Lights Out.” It was “something special” they had planned between the 3rd and 4th quarter. It was awesome.

But last night I felt joy. It was a build up of so many things. The constant mistakes, incompetence and bone headed plays which have lead to losses. It might just be one week. Frost said after the game that it is only one week. Michigan very well could come in next Saturday and take Nebraska to the wood shed.

Though on this Saturday night it was nice for once to feel joy while watching Nebraska football.

The Morning After

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