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Scott Frost Day News: Beat Purdue Or Forget This Season

Purdue v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Last night Greg and I interview our SBNation buddy Travis Miller from about this upcoming Purdue game. After listening to him talk about this year’s Boilers, I can say that if Nebraska somehow loses this game, it’s time to chuck this season down a toilet along with the hope that Scott Frost is going to mount to anything other than mediocre as the coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Is that a bold statement?

It is if you suffer from confirmation bias about our beloved Huskers and you want nothing more than for Frost to succeed because you’re tired of having a substandard football team.

The four games left in this season present a wonderful opportunity for this football team to show they’ve actually improved. Come out full of energy, fighting, playing well and WINNING the games and we might have a fun offseason.

If they don’t.... I don’t know what Nebraska will have to sell next season to our fans.

I hope like hell we win. WIN. Not come close. WIN.

I am about as rabid a Husker football fan as you will meet. I am reaching a breaking point. I am sure I am not alone.


Purdue at Nebraska Preview - Hammer and Rails
They have fallen and the last couple of seasons the teams have been pretty even. Purdue is sitting on four wins with a pair of top 10 teams following. It is not quite a must win, but it is a “very good idea to win this” game.

Twin Peaks Partners with Nebraska Linebacker and Former Navy Seal Damian Jackson |
“I’m incredibly honored and proud to team up with Twin Peaks,” Jackson said. “This is a huge national brand that is well-known for supporting not just sports teams and fans, but also active duty and veterans. I can’t wait to begin this special partnership that’s focused on Husker football and giving back to military families!”

Huskers Win Exhibition Opener, 97-58 - University of Nebraska
Nebraska shot a blistering 76 percent in the second half, pulling away from Peru State, 97-58, in an exhibition game Wednesday night at Pinnacle Bank Arena.

A Psychological Thriller: Previewing Purdue-Nebraska | I-80 Preview - Nebraska Football - Hail Varsity
BowlQuest 2021 begins in earnest for Nebraska after a bye week. Reaching six wins in 2021 almost has to include a win over Purdue this week. We break down the matchup in this week’s I-80 Preview podcast.

Dave Feit: It’s Time to Let the Nebraska Football Sellout Streak Die - All Huskers
There’s no dignity in continuing to prop it up artificially

NFL's investigation into Washington Football Team won't be released, commissioner Roger Goodell says amid pressure

NEW YORK -- NFL commissioner Roger Goodell doubled down Tuesday on the league's decision not to make public the results of its investigation into the workplace culture at the Washington Football Team, saying the anonymity of the people who cooperated with the investigation was too high a priority to allow the league to do so.

"We're very conscious of making sure we're protecting those who came forward," Goodell said after six hours of NFL owners meetings in midtown Manhattan. "That was a very high priority."

The NFL gets away with complete bullshit like this because when it comes down to it they know we’ll still watch the games. We’ll see the “END RACISM” bit on their helmet or on the field, and that will be enough.

Kirk Ferentz Talks Iowa-Wisconsin, Candy Corn and More - Black Heart Gold Pants
A few things here: GRAHAM MERTZ ONLY PASSED 8 TIMES AGAINST PURDUE. EIGHT. TIMES. I don’t think Wisconsin will be able to pull that again, but also, the fact that we couldn’t just run the ball down Purdue’s throat two weeks ago shows that this offensive line is struggling more than we anticipated, and that’s frustrating (and maybe a bigger part of our offensive struggles than we thought). Also, Wisconsin is definitely playing well right now. But a smart gameplan that forces them to throw could get them into big trouble easily.

Just the Stats: No. 20 Penn State at No. 5 Ohio State - Black Shoe Diaries
aka, what a bad game (and a half) will do to your numbers.

Hawkeye football matchup to watch: Jim Leonhard vs. Brian Ferentz - Black Heart Gold Pants
Under Brian Ferentz, Iowa’s offense has scored 0, 17, 22, and 28 points against the Badgers defense but those numbers are even more stark when looking at the first half of the games: 0, 7, 6, & 6. Just one touchdown drive in 8 quarters of play. Getting ahead on Wisconsin is imperative to the offense doing their part in the complementary football Kirk Ferentz and company preach. Such a lead would force the Badgers to lean on Graham Mertz in the passing game far more than they appear willing to do.

Kofi Cockburn named Big Ten Preseason Player of the Year - The Champaign Room

He’s that good.

I really hate this guy. I am not 100% sure why but I am also 100% sure I’ll recall when I start watching basketball.

Announcement: A new commenting system is coming to The Crimson Quarry - The Crimson Quarry

Coming Thursday, comments will look different.

No I haven’t been contacted about this, but maybe you should take a look at their site and see what you think ahead of time.

Big Ten Power Poll, Week Eight: Popular Scams - Off Tackle Empire
This week, the power poll compares Big Ten teams to their equivalent scams, in an effort to cope with all the heartbreak.

Key Matchups: Michigan Wolverines vs. Michigan State Spartans - Maize n Brew
MSU will look to stop the two-headed monster in Michigan’s backfield, while the Wolverines aim to stop a legitimate passing threat.

Column: College football’s biggest bogeymen - Land-Grant Holy Land
Because it’s spooky season!

Then There’s This

FBI Raids Chinese Point-of-Sale Giant PAX Technology – Krebs on Security

Several days ago, KrebsOnSecurity heard from a trusted source that the FBI began investigating PAX after a major U.S. payment processor started asking questions about unusual network packets originating from the company’s payment terminals.

According to that source, the payment processor found that the PAX terminals were being used both as a malware “dropper” — a repository for malicious files — and as “command-and-control” locations for staging attacks and collecting information.

Think about all the electronics you own that says “Made in China”. Now think of every one of those devices being a source of attack.

Try These Very Specific Steps To Stop Anxiety Attacks | by Jon Johnston | ILLUMINATION | Oct, 2021 | Medium
Anxiety attacks come on quickly. I have used these steps to stop them before they overwhelm me.