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Scott Frost Day News: Wednesday Introduces Nebrasketball

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NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Illinois Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Believe it or not, it is finally basketball season. The Huskers tip off tonight in an exhibition game against Peru State College in Lincoln. While it does not count towards their record, the game will give us a little insight into what this team will be like this upcoming season.

The starting lineup will be played with. Most likely it will be some sort of mix with Trey McGowans, Derrick Walker Jr., transfer Lat Mayen, Alonzo Verge Jr., and of course five star recruit Bryce McGowans. I would also expect Kobe Webster of course to see plenty of playing time as the sixth man in that group.

Of course we should see playing time for most of the roster as this is an exhibition game against Peru State. Unfortunately, you will have to get B1G+ to watch or listen to it on the radio. Tipoff is at 6:00pm CST.

Excitement and anticipation for a good season is running high across the state for this team. This is a very talent rich squad and Hoiberg seems to have what he wants on the court after three years. Hopefully the fruits of his labor produce some nice wins this upcoming season.

Well, if anything it will take our minds off the football team.

Mankilling Mastodons

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