Another Sign of 2021 Progress?

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A lot of people talking about Nebraska showing "Progress" this year. I was trying to think of a statistic that we could look back and see at the end of the year that would show progress. I went and looked at the Frost year's end awards for All Big 10 and this is what I found.

2018: 4 All Big 10 Selections

Stanley Morgan Jr - WR 2nd Team

JD Spielman - WR 3rd Team

Mohamed Barry - LB 3rd Team

Dicaprio Bootle - CB 3rd Team

2019: 2 All Big 10 Selections

Khalil Davis - DL 3rd team (coaches)

Lamar Jackson - CB 2nd team

2020: 2 All Big 10 Selections

Cam Taylor-Britt - CB 2nd team (coaches)

Connor Culp - PK 1st Team

2021 Potential

On review, that is a pretty poor showing the past couple season. I wonder what people think the 2021 season will look like. Seems like Nebraska has a lot more players in contention this year.


Cam Taylor Britt - As long as he plays like the last few weeks, I think CTB makes the top 2 teams.

Deontai Williams - Tied for the lead in the league in INTs, I think their is a 3rd team spot for him if he can get back and play the last few games.

Jojo Domann - I think he ends up honorable mention but good play down the stretch could get him on the list.


Adrian Martinez - Leading offensive player in the Big 10 right now. Most likely CJ Stroud will be 1st team but the 2nd and 3rd team spots are open for grabs and only Thorne from MSU has put up any numbers similar to AM. I think he is close to a lock to be on an All Big 10 team at the end of the year if he stays healthy.

Samari Toure - I would have said he was our most likely candidate at the beginning of the season. Now I think he is probably slipping to a 3rd team pick at this point.

Austin Allen - If he continues to progress like the last couple weeks he is a lock and could be 1st Team

Cam Jurgens - Got some issues with penalties and high snaps but is definitely the only lineman that could be in the mix.

Who did I miss? Who are locks (assuming no injuries)?

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