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Nebraska Football Monday Press Conference

Scott Frost updated the media on recruiting, the “mad” button and getting some rest during the bye week

Nebraska v Minnesota Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Usual disclaimer: I’m typing in real time and do my best to convey what was said, but these are not exact quotes. If you need something clarified, let me know in the comments.

Offenses are struggling in Big Ten this season - Keys to success?

You have to be able to run base stuff. You have to be able to block. I’m just speaking for us - no one else. We have to run a little better, block a little better. You always go into a game with schemes to get something into the end zone.

It comes down to being efficient at what you do. That said, there’s some good defenses in this league.

Bye Week - Did you prep for Purdue and what did you think when you got the team back?

As a staff we got a lot of time to watch them (Purdue). We watched the Wisconsin game several times yesterday. I thought the guys had a little spring in their step. They were a little worn down after 8 weeks.

We’re refreshed. We got some rest. We’re excited to get back after it.

Nine overtime game - what do you think of that rule?

It made for an interesting game. I had anxiety watching that game. You run out of things to call. They’re both good teams. Someone had to win and someone had to lose. The rule was put in place to try to shorten the game, but then we got a nine OT game.

How is Adrian?

Good. He’s 100%. He’s been dealing with a lot of stuff and fighting through stuff. He’s a warrior. He’ll be a full go.

Deontai Williams injury - state of the secondary vs Purdue

He’ll be back this season. I don’t know when. You want to have everyone and be ready for what they throw at us. They are disciplined. They have good recievers, and we have to be ready to cover them. Purdue had a good chance Saturday but turned it over five times, it’s hard to win that way. I don’t expect they’ll do that this Saturday.

How impressive was Purdue’s win vs Iowa?

There’s a lot of good teams in this league. Any team can win on any Saturday. Purdue made the plays in that game. Their wide receiver Bell made a lot of plays. Everything went their way. They played a heckuva game. We have to expect that Purdue for this game.

Purdue’s pass rusher Karlafits - how does he put pressure on you?

He’s a good player. One of the better ones we’ve played. He has good guys around him, I’m impressed wiht their SAM #6. You have to know where he is all the time.

How has Marques Buford progressed?

He’s one of those kids that came in mature, ready to attack. The mark of a freshman who plays early isn’t necessarily talent, but someone who comes in mature and ready to do things right. He’s one of those.

How does Brant Banks look?

Brant is back. It’s always good to have experienced players ready to contribute. We’ll see where he factors in down the stretch.

Thomas Fidone - do you try to prescribe specific situations to play him or throw him in the overall mix?

He’s still shaking some rust off, but when he’s ready to play and ready to give us a chance to win, he’ll be out there. He’s got a bright future.

You got back to recruiting this week - How did it go?

It’s great, I think it has been 620 days since being out recruiting on the road.

All the coaches hit the road. I went to a high school game. The response was awesome. Barrett Ruud stayed mostly local. The response the coaches got from other coaches, players and administrators was great. People enjoy watching this team [Huskers]. We have to get it over the hump and get some wins. But overall, the coaches are excited at what they heard from the people they met.

Is there a last mental hurdle the team has to overcome?

I think that is accurate. Human beings are habitual. When you are used to winning, it comes easier. When you aren’t there, it is harder. Maybe you’re waiting for it to come rather than making it happen. That little bit of confidence to get there can help us take the next step. They believe they are a good team, now it is just making the plays when they count.

Are you ever tempted to push the “mad” button?

I’m tempted in here sometimes. [laughs] No. We don’t let you guys into practice for a lot of reasons and that’s one of them because we do hit the mad button sometimes. I hit it on Wednesday. I put them in a lot of situations Wednesday simulating the game just to try to help them experience that a little more. Not that we haven’t done that before, but we just continue to try and put them into competitive situations. This one matters, can we count on you when it counts. We did a lot of really good things. We did a couple dumb things. I wasn’t happy about it. There is a time and place for that, and certain coaches we have on staff are better at it than others, but they are getting the players to play hard. This team believes how good they are and we have another really good opponent coming in here, so we get another chance.

A previous coach saved his ire for game day - is that unproductive?

Yeah, in general - I don’t want to comment on anybody but me - a team takes on characteristics of its leaders. Coaches, assistant coaches and players. If leaders aren’t staying cool, players won’t either. Game day is the time you should feel confidence, you should feel ready. That should be when you are your calmest while being ready to play and ready to go.

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