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Scott Frost Day News: 600 Touchdowns, Cool Toys and the Republic of Nirivia

Have you hugged your pumpkin today? Plus, we take nine overtimes to bring you Monday reading (No, we don’t)

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Autumn Season In Markham Photo by Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto via Getty Images

How did you spend your bye weekend?

I put new plastic on the greenhouse and got the garden partially cleaned up for winter. I also did some deep cleaning on bathrooms - living in a house with so many males definitely has a downside.

A few of the deck plants came inside because of freezing temperatures. One of them had a stowaway.

We walked in the house Sunday evening to find the cat playing with a tiny snake.

Little snake was denied warm winter quarters and turned outside to find a new place to hibernate.

Maybe some of you got caught up on your sleep? Check out the article below to see how some people found a creative way to get some Zzzz’s.

For sleepy Hong Kong residents, 5-hour bus tour is a snooze
HONG KONG (AP) — Travel-starved, sleep-deprived residents might find a new Hong Kong bus tour to be a snooze. The 76-kilometer (47-mile), five-hour ride on a regular double-decker bus around the territory is meant to appeal to people who are easily lulled asleep by long rides.

Frosted Flakes

Nebraska Teen Runner Helps Competitor Finish Race After He Collapsed, Giving Up His Own Qualifying Hopes
A Nebraska teen runner named Brandon Schutt performed the ultimate act of kindness, and helped Blake Cerveny to finish the race after he collapsed.

My son ran cross country this year and I can confirm that some very amazing young people participate in the sport. It is great to see the acts of sportsmanship and kindness at every meet, but this one was even bigger than most.

Husker Rifle Moves to 4-0 with Win Over Army - University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Neb- The Nebraska Rifle team continued their undefeated streak with a 4,677-4,626 victory over Army on Saturday at the NU Rifle Range.

I am annually conflicted over pride that the Huskers can beat the service academies and simultaneously worried that our Huskers beat the service academies in rifle.

Nebraska state playoffs heavy on Husker commits and targets
Huskers commits and targets set to begin state playoffs

How Kenzie Knuckles embracing a new role has Huskers rolling to a spotless start in the Big Ten | Grand Island Sports |
As a defensive specialist this season, Knuckles is giving the team a lift in bursts, whether it’s with a back-row kill or thumping a serve.

HuskerOnline - Blair’s J’shawn Unger is Huskers’ first commit to baseball Class of 2024
Blair pitcher and corner infielder J’shawn Unger is the Huskers’ first commit to their baseball Class of 2024.

HuskerOnline - Huskers offer JUCO DT Langi
Husker coaches stop in at Independence C.C. and offer a scholarship to NT Amipeleasi Langi.

Sacks, kicks, empties and explosives: The numbers that will determine whether NU can mount a post-bye push | Huskers |
Parker Gabriel crunches the numbers that could result in 6, as in the number of wins needed for Nebraska to sneak into a bowl game this season.

Steven M. Sipple: Cut Martinez slack, DiNardo says; NU’s relevance; and an LSU turn-off | Sports |
The Nebraska junior standout absolutely is among the upper echelon of Big Ten quarterbacks, says BTN analyst Gerry DiNardo.

Husker Bowling Claims Tournament Title at Bearcat Hammer Open - University of Nebraska
Fairview, Ill. – The Nebraska bowling team swept on Sunday to take home the tounament title at the Bearcat Hammer Open. The Huskers finished 9-4 with a total pinfall

Sportin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

Video Kid signs for top soccer club before 5th birthday - ABC News
A pre-school kid has been scouted by top Premier League soccer club Arsenal and racked up thousands of online fans, all before his fifth birthday thanks to his incredible goalscoring skills.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan returns Tom Brady’s 600th career TD ball
Tom Brady became the first player in NFL history to throw 600 career touchdowns. But the Bucs had to negotiate with a fan to get the ball back.

Bucs fan gave up ‘$500,000 minimum’ by returning Tom Brady game ball
Mike Evans gave a Bucs fan the historic game ball. The fan graciously — but perhaps rashly — returned it minutes later.

College football’s fix-it list: OT rules, Penn state offense need tune-ups - Sports Illustrated
Penn State’s offense, the overtime rules and some curious rankings are among the things in college football that are in need of repair.

NFL: Taylor Heinicke Does Lambeau Leap For a Touchdown He Didn’t Actually Score
Heinicke would probably like to have this one back.

Ivy League says officiating mistake cost Harvard Crimson OT victory over Princeton Tigers in football game
The Ivy League said Sunday that officials were wrong to wipe out what would have been a game-winning 2-point play in overtime Saturday by Harvard after a replay review awarded Princeton a timeout.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

Man Finally Gets Beloved Mom’s Car 40 Years After Her Death–And it Still Has Her Sunglasses Inside
John Berry finally got to purchase his mom’s 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible, 40 years after her death.

The Republic of Nirivia: A Magical Micronation That Semi-exists on Lake Superior | HowStuffWorks
The Republic of Nirivia, an imaginary micronation comprising a group of islands in Lake Superior, was founded in the mid-1970s mostly in jest, by a small group of Canadians who wanted to see a pristine natural area preserved.

Watching Elephants Smash Giant Pumpkins Is Incredibly Satisfying | Mental Floss
For its 23rd annual "Squishing of the Squash," the Oregon Zoo gave its elephants giant pumpkins and filmed the destruction that ensued.

This photojournalist faked an entire book to highlight how hard it is to spot misinformation | CBC Radio
Award-winning photojournalist Jonas Bendiksen manipulated the images in his recent work, The Book of Veles, intending to be found out.

'A Nightmare on Elm Street' house is for sale : NPR
For $3.5 million, you can roam the halls of the Los Angeles house where Freddie Krueger murdered his victims. You have until Halloween to make an offer.

The tongue-eating louse does exactly what its name suggests : NPR
It's the stuff of nightmares, or science fiction: a parasite that wants to get inside an animal's mouth, where it attacks — and replaces — the tongue.

Lawsuit: Strawberry Pop-Tarts don’t contain enough strawberries | SiouxlandProud | Sioux City, IA | News, Weather, and Sports
A lawsuit filed against Kellogg's claims the way the company markets its strawberry Pop-Tarts is misleading.

‘I hug them’: meet the farmer raising 2,000lb pumpkins | California | The Guardian
Armed with ‘golden seeds’, Leonardo Urena is part of an elite group of global growers – and this year produced California’s largest specimen

An Oral History of ‘Счастливы вместе,’ the Russian Remake of ‘Married… with Children’

When “Little Green Men” Invaded Kelly, Kentucky - The Daily Yonder
One terrifying night on a farm in Kentucky and sloppy reporting in the local press changed how we talk about aliens forever.

When People Carved Turnips Instead of Pumpkins for Halloween | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine
Revelers in the British Isles transformed the root vegetables into lanterns designed to ward off dark spirits

If You Hear a Scream in a Movie, It's Probably the Wilhelm Scream | HowStuffWorks
You may not know it, but you've probably heard it hundreds of times. It's the same scream of agony that's been used over and over in films since 1977.

Another Week - Another Poop Article

UK: Man 'Covered' in Poop After Plane Dumped Toilet Waste Over Backyard
A man in Windsor, southeast England, was enjoying the sun in his backyard when raw sewage fell from the sky and splattered him and his "whole garden."

Your gut bacteria may be hoarding your medication
Researchers have observed this effect in petri dishes and nematodes

Then There’s This

Dead-End SF Street Plagued With Confused Waymo Cars Trying To Turn Around ‘Every 5 Minutes’ – CBS San Francisco
A normally quiet neighborhood in San Francisco is buzzing about a sudden explosion of traffic. Neighbors say their Richmond District dead-end street has suddenly become crowded with Waymo vehicles.

The ‘rainbow island’ most travellers don’t know - BBC Travel
With ochre-stained streams, crimson-hued beaches and enchanting salt caves, Iran’s Hormuz Island is a geologist’s Disneyland.

I REALLY want to visit this island now.

Four-year-old calls New Zealand emergency services to share toys, police respond - ABC News
When you’re four, the meaning of “emergency” can be flexible — in one New Zealand boy’s case, he just really wanted to show police his toys.

When Jon Raids The Flakes