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Who Would Want to Coach Nebraska Football? (If Scott Frost Is Fired)

Preparing for the future....

I did a video a few days ago on YouTube. The reason for the video is to give Husker fans reasons as to why they should disregard the fear-monger comments (and articles) that have to do with “If Scott Frost is fired, no one will want to come coach at Nebraska”.

This is not a long video - I am not providing a transcription.

It has generated quite a few comments on YouTube, particularly some from other Big Ten fans who are upset I said their teams suck. Many are of the mind you can’t make fun of other teams unless you beat them. This is not true.

Just because my team sucks doesn’t mean your team doesn’t suck. Both can suck, as this is true for every team in the Big Ten West.

Give it a listen and please subscribe to the YouTube channel!

Out of Nowhere Podcast

In case you missed it, I did an interview on the Out of Nowhere podcast with Danny Woodhead and Matt Slauson. Woodhead was the first ever interview I did on CN, all the way back in 2006. Slauson was one of my favorite Husker lineman ever. Thank God I was only a little bit star-struck.

The podcast episode can be found here.

Monday Night - College Football Therapy Session

I will be doing a YouTube Live every Monday night during football season at 7:30 PM Central. I am making this up as I go as I’ve done little with live shows. I hope you join the live stream and make some comments.

I have no idea about a name for a show. I call it “Therapy” because others have commented that I provide free counseling. Therapy. Maybe shared misery?

Here’s the link to the YouTube channel.