Let's Play A Scott Frost Match Game!

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I've borrowed Scott Frost quotes from Dirk Chatelain's piece to create a depressing matching game. Which quotes go with which game? The depressing part is the sameness of the quotes over a 3-4 year period.


  1. "I came back to Nebraska to get this fixed, and I'm gonna do it."
  2. "We seem to find new and innovative ways to give a game away."
  3. "I've had too many of those conversations with these guys."
  4. "I’ve only been part of a couple that are tougher than this."
  5. "It's hard to imagine the things that have happened to us all happening to us."
  6. "Little details got us beat. I know the guys are tired of hearing that. I'm tired of saying it, but that's what it is."
  7. "There's 100 ways we could have won that game."
  8. "Sooner or later, we need to be buttoned up and detailed enough to make sure these close games go our way."
  9. "We had no business losing that game."


  • Northwestern 2018
  • Colorado 2019
  • Indiana 2019
  • Purdue 2019
  • Iowa 2019
  • Iowa 2020
  • Michigan State 2021
  • Michigan 2021
  • Minnesota 2021

Answers can be found by reading Chatelain's article. I know mixed opinions of the guy exist around here, but he did nominate Jon for a Pulitzer after the Minnesota game, so he can't be all bad.

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