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Scott Frost Day News - Basketball Is Right Around The Corner

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It’s that time of year

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UConn v Iowa State fPhoto by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Believe it or not, but basketball starts next week. The Cornhuskers play their first exhibition game against Peru State in Lincoln next Wednesday, October 27th. Yes, I have to remind the football folk that college basketball starts at a little over half way through the fall.

Fred Hoiberg has assembled what is probably one of the best lineups in Nebrasketball history. I’m not saying they will take home the Big Ten crown, but this team has the potential to really raise some eyebrows nationally while taking down some of the big boys.

Hopefully there will be enough early season wins to get the Husker faithful to focus their attention on the hoops team. Maybe, just maybe Fred can go into the Creighton game this year undefeated for a nationally televised matchup.

It’s too early to tell but it has been awhile since I’ve had this much faith going into the season. Don’t get me wrong, there will be bumps and growing pains. Things will not be perfect. There will be good wins but also most likely some bad losses. That happens in basketball.

There’s a lot of anticipation going into this season. Hopefully it turns into something special for the Nebrasketball faithful.

Mankilling Mastodons

Nebraska defensive coordinator Erik Chinander's approach a 'reflection of who his father was' – The Athletic
Chinander, whose defense is the strength of the Huskers, coached Saturday, fewer than 48 hours after his father, Gene Chinander, died.

HuskerOnline - Three & Out: decommits, all-conference Huskers, and NU coaches on the road
Three & Out: decommits part of the process, potential all-conference Huskers, and NU coaches out on the road.

Nebraska Volleyball: Kubik honored as Big Ten Player of the Week
Madi Kubik has earned her second straight Big Ten Player of the Week award, the conference office announced Monday.

HuskerOnline - Huskers lose DE commit Hayden Schwartz on Monday
Defensive end commit Hayden Schwartz and Nebraska parted ways on Monday.

Other News From The Sporting World

LOVB, a new women's pro volleyball league, launches in the U.S. : NPR
"We have 400 girls that have to go abroad" if they want to play pro volleyball, the CEO of a fledgling women's league says. She's trying to fix that problem, starting with youth clubs.

Randy Gregory is showing why Dallas Cowboys waited on him | Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Defensive end Randy Gregory leads the NFC East-leading Dallas Cowboys with four sacks. Team owner Jerry Jones was right to wait for him.

American to review expansion candidates with six Conference USA teams expected to apply for membership -
The AAC would be 14-team league once everything shakes out if it assumes all six programs

Dick Vitale: "For the second time in just a few months, I’ve been diagnosed with a form of cancer" - ESPN Front Row
Vitale reveals he has lymphoma; in August, he announced he had melanoma. In this essay, the Basketball Hall of Famer and ESPN legend shares why he is optimistic and urges the importance of early detection

Allen Iverson’s Sky High Life | GQ
As he launches his very own strain of marijuana, the NBA legend opens up about his complicated history with the drug, the stress of being cast as a bad guy, and getting way, way, way too high.

TCU football: Gary Patterson defends himself, program again | Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Coach Gary Patterson ranted about an article written by a TCU alum calling for the university to fire him. Patterson defended the football program and its direction.

College football rankings: Kansas reclaims The Bottom 25 throne as Jayhawks return to familiar position -
Anybody can rank the best teams, but only The Bottom 25 ranks the worst in college football each week

Big Ten Coaching Hot Seats Week 8 - Scott Frost Matt Lubick Jim O’Neil - Off Tackle Empire Scott Frost lost the chair, but found a hot seat

Nikola Jokić, the reigning NBA MVP, is ‘the symbol of Serbia’ but a complicated relationship persists – The Athletic
Jokić's withdrawal from competition felt like a snub in a country where basketball success has long been judged on the international stage.

Yellow Journalism

'History of the World Part II' Series Ordered at Hulu From Mel Brooks - Variety
"History of the World, Part I" is finally getting a Part II, with Hulu ordering a variety series followup to the classic Mel Brooks film

An Official Wizard in New Zealand Loses His Job - The New York Times
The city of Christchurch has paid Ian Brackenbury Channell, 88, about $10,000 per year since 1998 for “acts of wizardry and other wizard-like services.” But he has been condemned recently for his jokes about women.

Queen Elizabeth Advised to Cut Back on Nightly Cocktails | Food & Wine
Royal doctors want to make sure the Queen is in top shape for her Platinum Jubilee this coming February.

Auditory Enlightenment