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Instant Reaction: Nebraska’s 56-7 Bashing of Northwestern

Our beloved Huskers executed well in all phases of the game.

Northwestern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Nebraska bashes and smashes the nerds from Northwestern 56-7.

Our beloved Huskers executed well in all phases of the game.

The defense did what the defense does - shut down the other team’s offense. Northwestern finished with 37 rushing yards and the game was over in the first quarter.

The offensive line did a complete switch from hapless to hopeful. Last week they couldn’t open a crease. This week they were responsible for wracking up 664 yards in total offense, the most ever given up by a Pat Fitzgerald team.

The offensive output included 434 rushing yards. Jaquez Yant had 13 carries for 127 yards for a 9.8 yard per carry average. Zavier Betts had one carry for 83 yards and a touchdown. We even ran a triple option for a touchdown - so those of you who swear we need to go back to the triple option - there it was.

Do you still want Greg Austin fired?

Here’s some advice:

Don’t project into the rest of the season. Just enjoy this win. Enjoy the now. The season will sort itself out one game at a time. Enjoy this week. It’s a great big Husker win!

Go Big Red!