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The 24 HOUR RULE: BOHICA or Mt St Helens? No Middle Ground

Recent history definitely suggests another soul-shattering WTF?? moment is likely on the menu tonight...but I’m sensing seismic activity.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 25 Nebraska at Michigan State
“Uh oh, Happy learned how to shut down the run! :-)”
Photo by Adam Ruff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Any Husker fan unfamiliar with the actual term “BOHICA” is more than extremely familiar with the concept.

As Jayden Reed of the Michigan State Spartans settled under the Christmas gift so beautifully kicked to him on the side of the field devoid of any players in white jerseys and red pants, as Husker fans tried to figure out where the ball was, as the cameraman made the mistake of tracking the Husker punt coverage instead of the ball itself, as the horror of what was about to transpire settled into Husker guts like a Taco Bell burrito half-eaten, left out the night before and then devoured without a second thought for breakfast - the very familiar concept popped in everyone’s heads with the force of a Smokin’ Joe Frazier left hook.

Bend Over Here It Comes Again.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Michigan State
This isn’t happening!!
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Huskers had fought back against a usual bevy of mistakes to take a 20-13 lead and the Blackshirts had shown the Oklahoma game was no fluke by utterly and completely shutting down the nation’s leading rusher and a Spartan offense expected to put some serious yards on the Huskers a week after gashing Miami 38-17.

Then pfffft...BOHICA. Again.

So why should we expect any less tonight?

Glad you asked, I’m always looking for an excuse to make a list. Always helps pass the time when passing lunch on one’s favorite throne, so hunker down for a few minutes and enjoy:

  • The money line (-430) loves us. Bookies are unsentimental.
  • Northwestern’s down to their 3rd string quarterback. (See Blackshirts, The)
  • Our O-line won’t be hopping around like tweakers hiding from the cops on their own home field. (Will they??)
  • We’re outgaining our opponents by approximately 150 yards/game and are 2-3. Something’s got to give.
  • Barring a rash of injuries, this Blackshirt crew is shaping up as our best since Suh’s senior year and, better yet, they’re starting to believe it.
  • Two weeks in a row, the crowd I watch with has been basically devoid of the sarcasm group who just starts crapping on the vibe as soon as something goes wrong and has been firing on all cylinders. It’s turning more into “We can get this back!” instead of raise the white flag. Absolutely no effect on the games themselves but the losing the defeatist attitude just makes everything more enjoyable.
  • After two close, painful losses, I’m counting on a home crowd thirsty for a win to oil up a little extra at the tailgates and turn this night game loud. Real loud.
  • The offensive line will look better. Not great, just better. Just a feeling.
  • The fight in these guys has been incredible. It might be scary what can happen if they ever start believing they will win.
  • Quite simply, something is ready to blow here and things seem to be lining up for an eruption. Throw in a night game, the frustration of three losses by a total of 18 points, that air of desperation, and a QB who, while flawed, has the ability to do things to other teams which too often seem to be done to us.
COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 25 Nebraska at Michigan State Photo by Adam Ruff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Mt. St. Helens is rumbling and between 90,000 seats in Memorial Stadium and BTN subscriptions everyone should have a pretty good view when the peak gets blown off tonight.

Well, you know. Either that or we have three TD passes called back for linemen wandering downfield, five Blackshirts ejected for targeting flags tossed by officials who heard harsh language behind them and panicked and a Northwestern Hail Mary which hits Jojo in the helmet, bounces up and off the goalpost to a waiting Wildcat as time expires.

Come to think of it, definitely better reload my Uber app for later. Just in case.

There is no middle ground tonight, cheer for the eruption.

Go Big Red.

Nebraska Cornhuskers
Northwestern Wildcats