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Nebraska 56 Northwestern 7: Recap and #AfterDark Thread

We’ve been waiting many years to see this Husker team. It was beautiful.

Northwestern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

It’s the Battle for NU.

[music emoji] Heee’re come the men in black... [music emoji]

Reports from the press box (Tyler) are that we might have our entire complement of wide receivers tonight. Wooo!

First Quarter

Well, I guess that’s one way to start a game. The first offensive play is Martinez to Toure!!! for 70 yards. That was a veteran move by Toure to get to that ball.

First and goal Nebraska. Rahmir Johnson is the starting RB.

Second and goal - Martinez keeper!


Nebraska 7 Northwestern 0

The Blackshirts allowed one first down for Northwestern, but a JoJo Domann sack put an end to the drive. Punt.

Oliver Martin fair caught the punt. It’s good to see him back on the field.

Yant and Martin give the Huskers a first down.

JAQ YANT IS LOOSE! First and goal Nebraska!!

Second and goal. Martinez keeper. Touchdown Nebraska!!!!! Rahmir Johnson threw a great block to get 2AM into the end zone.

My only complaint about this Husker offense so far is that they aren’t giving me enough time to look up gifs.

Nebraska 14 Northwestern 0

There is now a second penalty so far in the game on Northwestern. WUT? (We aren’t even halfway through the first quarter).

Three and out for the Blackshirts!

Nebraska’s possession went Manning, Falck, Johnson, incomplete (tipped), [some plays I missed], Vokolek, Johnson, Yant, incomplete (Toure), incomplete (Betts), quarterback draw.


Seriously dude, are you going to share the wealth?!? (Yes, I am being sarcastic)

Nebraska 21 Northwestern 0

Northwestern’s Robinson got behind the secondary two plays in a row to give the Wildcats some life. He burned both Deontai Williams and Cam Taylor-Britt. Touchdown Northwestern.

Nebraska 21 Northwestern 7

Yant is powering the Huskers down the field as the first quarter ends.

Second Quarter

Some more plays happened, then a Rahmir Johnson TOUCHDOWN!!

Nebraska 28 Northwestern 7

Malik Wahington got loose and moved the Wildcats into the red zone. Robinson (again) makes a terrific catch. First and goal Wildcats.

Second and goal. WILDCAT FUMBLE RECOVERED BY NEBRASKA!!! (Forced by JoJo and recovered by Deontre Thomas).

We need a huge shoutout to the offensive line. They are moving people around.

The Husker offense hit their first road block with a fourth and five at the Wildcat 43. Incomplete. Punt.

The Wildcats faced a fourth and one at midfield and they converted. But, Hilinski commited intentional grounding and set the Wildcats back. The third and 21 pass was nine yards short of the first down. The fourth and nine pass was complete but short. Husker ball with around two minutes left in the half.

Rahmir Johnson set up Nebraska for first and goal and then he took it in for the TOUCHDOWN!!!

Nebraska 35 Northwestern 7

The Pipeline is having its way with the Wildcats.

Northwestern fumbled (but recovered) to end the half.


I think you speak for all of us Nick.

Third Quarter

The Wildcats start the half with the ball.

Three and out!

The Huskers get the ball back and ZAVIER BETTS BYE BYE!! The option play went 83 yards!

Nebraska 42 Northwestern 7

Nick Henrich got called for pass interference for the first Husker penalty. On the sideline, Scott Frost looks like he’s ready to spit nails because of it. I like this coach.

On the next play, Garrett Nelson strip sacks Hilinski but the Wildcats recover.

The soft zone of the Blackshirts gave up a long third down pass at midfield. I wish the camera had cut to Scott Frost because I suspect he was swearing.

Northwestern was penalized and pushed back five yards.

The Blackshirts gave up a third and 11, to allow the Wildcats past midfield but put up the stop sign after that. On fourth and 10, Pat Fitzgerald dialed up a pass that was incomplete.

With almost 10 minutes left in the third quarter, Scott Frost went conservative (HAHA NOPE).

Zavier Betts drew a pass interference penalty and that was followed by a touchdown pass to Samori Toure.

Nebraska 49 Northwestern 7

Northwestern responded with a three and out.

Husker fans are doing the wave.

False start Nebraska. Sigh.

The backups fed Yant to the wolves and Nebraska went three and out. William Przystup let loose with an AMAZING punt and the Memorial Stadium crowd cheered louder than for just about any other play.


Garbage time.


When I saw a Husker (Falck or Martin I think) running through traffic to field a short punt, I cringed. BUT HE CAUGHT IT.

Yant is still in the game.

Brody Belt sighting for a first down!

Fourth Quarter

As a child of the 80s, I wholeheartedly approve of Thunderstruck as our “end of 3rd quarter” pageantry.

Markese Stepp has entered the game.

Another Nebraska false start. FIRE SOMEONE!! (yes, that was sarcastic too)

The best part? There was a time that the Husker crowd would be exiting the stadium en masse. But they are keeping their butts in the seats and soaking in every minute of this.

Back to the game.

Sevion Morrison has entered Tom Osborne field. And, he immediately picked up a first down.

Trent Hixson is snapping the ball to Logan Smothers.

Sevion Morrison TOUCHDOWN!!

Nebraska 56 Northwestern 7

This is a new scoring record for Nebraska in the Big Ten.

On the sideline, the baton twirlers are now playing with fire. Nebraska is bringing it from all sides tonight.

Scott Frost is no longer yelling on the sidelines, but he can’t bring himself to smile either.

It’s okay coach. This is what you’ve been waiting for. You can smile once.

Then, get back to being the hardass coach we’ve heard about the past three weeks and make sure this type of play continues.

The running back behind Masker is Stepp.

But Masker decided to snub Stepp and ran through the GINORMOUS hole the Wildcats left and gained the fist down.

Wyatt Liewer caught a pass.

Will Nixon caught a pass.

Markese Stepp grinds out yards.

Northwestern facemask penalty.

Nebraska is up to 418 yards rushing. This is the second hightest total for Nebraska against a Big Ten opponent. There are just under three minutes left in the game.

Nate Boerkircher sighting.

OPTION FROM MASKER TO BOERKIRCHER puts Nebraska into the red zone.


FINAL. Nebraska 56 Northwestern 7