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Week 7 Cobs: Golf Balls, Beer and Mustard

A little bit of everything made it into the field of Neyland Stadium last weekend

Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

Wow what a week of college football! Let’s dance our way into the cob nominations for Week 7 of College Football.


Huskers find another way to lose...yet again. This 4th and goal call was mind boggling.

This loss was bad enough that Corn Nation’s founding father, Jon Johnston, went viral because of his post-game rant down on the field in Minneapolis.


The water finally boiled over for the Hawkeyes. What a poor showing for a #2 seed in a 24-7 loss against Purdue.


Getting blanked by the Colorado Buffaloes 34-0 on your way to an 18th straight loss gets you an automatic cob nomination.


Normally I don’t include Division III teams in Cobs but this costly mistake had to be nominated. Unbelievable.

Northwestern Punter Derek Adams

This might be one of the worst fake punts you will ever see.

Tennessee Fans

It’s hard to describe what happened in Neyland Stadium on Saturday but I will let these clips tell the story.

We have an wild selection of cob nominations for Week 7 of College Football but unfortunately you can only pick one.


Who is your Cob Nomination for Week 7?

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Crazy catch!

Coast to Coast!

Manny Diaz couldn’t get out of there fast enough

UConn gets a win!

Can this guy transfer to Nebraska?

He. Just. Disappeared.

San Jose State got a little too clever here.

On the other hand, the trickery worked for Clemson.