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Corn Nation’s Big Ten Rankings - Week 8

We had some movement this week. Not a lot, but there was some.

Syndication: HawkCentral Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen / USA TODAY NETWORK

Well, fun weekend huh?

The top team in the B1G lost to a train and the next three teams had bye’s. The bottom keeps playing keep away with wins and losses. The Big Ten East will start beating itself up here in the next couple of weeks so expect some movement up at the top.

As for the the rest of the conference, they are fighting for scraps for the most part. Not a whole lot to put your hat on down there. Teams ranked seven through fourteen are a bit of a crapshoot.

I honestly thought Northwestern was going to stay in the basement for the foreseeable future but they go and beat Rutgers. Go figure Pat’s teams improve as the year goes on. Just watch, they will somehow become bowl eligible.

1. Ohio State (5-1 Overall 3-0 Big Ten)


2. Michigan (6-0 Overall 3-0 Big Ten)


3. Penn State (5-1 Overall 2-1 Big Ten)

Bye....Hey, we just sang a Backstreet Boys song!

4. Michigan State (7-0 Overall 4-0 Big Ten)

Congrats, you eked out a win against 2020’s favorite team. But guess what, Indiana is not 2021’s favorite team. But, you keep winning. Rest up during this bye as you have Michigan coming up right after.

5. Iowa (6-1 Overall 3-1 Big Ten)

6. Wisconsin (3-3 Overall 2-2 Big Ten)

Army tried to come back but you wouldn’t let the US military win, would ya Sconnie? Just kidding, you’re fine. This week you get to play the Hawkeye killer. The mighty Boilermakers of Purdue.

7. Maryland (4-2 Overall 1-2 Big Ten)


8. Minnesota (4-2 Overall 2-1 Big Ten)

Hi, my name is PJ Fleck and I have Scott Frost’s number. Anyone want it?

9. Purdue (4-2 Overall 2-1 Big Ten)

10. Nebraska (3-5 Overall 1-4 Big Ten)

I still have no clue why I ranked them so high.

(looks below)

Oh yeah.

11. Indiana (2-4 Overall 0-3 Big Ten)

Kind of gave Michigan State a scare...kind of.

12. Northwestern (3-3 Overall 1-2 Big Ten)

Enjoy your pork roll and win against Rutgers. You have Michigan next week and they are coming off of a bye.

13. Illinois (2-5 Overall 1-3 Big Ten)


14. Rutgers (3-4 Overall 0-4 Big Ten)

Hey Rutgers, welcome back. I think you will notice not much has changed down here. Nebraska did get some new can lights installed down here and Illinois fixed that leaky faucet. Please don’t give the keys out to your friends this time.