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The Morning After: Nebraska Took Two Quarters To Get Out Of Bed And Lost Because Of It

It cost Nebraska the game and now a bowl game is looking really difficult.

Nebraska v Minnesota Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

When an opportunity is sitting right in front of you to win the next two games and you don’t show up in the first half against Minnesota because of the lack of “juice” then you absolutely deserve to lose the football game.

Nebraska had the opportunity to take the lead three separate times deep in Minnesota’s territory and came away with zero points. It’s how you lose football games.

Nebraska fans and media treat each game like it’s some great indicator of the program as a whole. After losing to Oklahoma, Michigan State and Michigan who are all undefeated at this point was an indication of progress.

Now those who “want” to show that no progress has actually been made now have a arrow in their quiver.

A three game window against three undefeated teams is more illustrative of progress than calling a dead brain loss to Minnesota as illustrative of no progress. Cam Taylor-Britt said after the game that it felt like after a string of night games, a 11:00 a.m. kickoff led to the lack of juice. He could tell Saturday morning some of his teammates were not ready to play.

That was the truth.

Nebraska took two quarters to wake up and it was too late. That can’t happen against a PJ Fleck coached Minnesota team because once they have a lead then they are going to drain the clock.

It wasn’t a case of Minnesota winning the football game. This time it wasn’t even crazy head-scratching boneheaded plays that cost Nebraska the game. It came back to not being up and ready to play.

If you aren’t up and ready to play Minnesota then you deserve to lose. Now it will require Nebraska to go 3-1 over the next four games against Purdue, Ohio State, Wisconsin and Iowa for them to get to a bowl game.

It is possible.

Nebraska now has a bye week before that matchup with Purdue. Hopefully against the Boilermakers, Nebraska will be ready to play from the first half kickoff instead of waiting for the second half to start.

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