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Friday Night Game Thread

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NCAA Football: Montana State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, it’s another fun filled Friday night football thread! Not a whole lot going on here to be honest. Montana State vs. Weber State is probably going to be the best game on the slate tonight. Montana State is #9 and Weber State is #18 in the FCS.

The interesting point in this match is that Weber State is ranked in the FCS and is yet 2-3 on the year. They have losses to FBS Utah, #7 James Madison, and #12 UC Davis. So, this could be a nice and much needed win for Weber State to stay in the rankings. Still a good football team regardless of record. If you have ESPNU, I recommend watching if you enjoy top notch FCS football.

I would also recommend Colgate and Cornell if you have ESPN+. The Ivy League is always an interesting watch if you have never partaken.

However, if you are a FCS homer, there are plenty of games to watch below. None of which are of any real significance but it is football.

Friday Night Games

Game Time CT Network (Channel Guide)
Game Time CT Network (Channel Guide)
Friday, October 15th
Clemson at Syracuse 6:00 PM ESPN /�ESPN Video
Colgate at Cornell 6:00 PM $espn+ Video
Marshall at North Texas 6:00 PM CBSSN /�CBS Video
Montana State at Weber State 9:00 PM ESPNU /�ESPN Video
California at Oregon 9:30 PM ESPN /�ESPN Video
San Diego State at San Jose State 9:30 PM CBSSN /�CBS Video