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Scott Frost Day News: Dear God, Please Let Us Crush Minnesota

Do I want a big win because I am a greedy, horrible person?

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Miami-Ohio v Minnesota Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Have you watched Gopher football this season?

I have. I have a Gopher boy in my house. He has a mother that follows them.

Gopher football is not in the best place right now. They’re missing Mo Ibrahim, and recently Trey Potts, their two top running backs. Tanner Morgan hasn’t been his regular, accurate self, and the offense looks pretty non descript. PJ Fleck has had a bye week, which may have given him time to come up with more than the three or four plays he runs in repetition this season. That could be dangerous.

While the Gopher defense is ranked #5 against the run... other than Ohio State they haven’t played a decent offense. Then there’s that loss to 30-point underdog Bowling Green. Then there’s the Gopher team who crushed Colorado and held them to -19 yards rushing.

Bottom line - this is a team Nebraska should stomp into the ground... maybe.

I’ve looked around at previews and predictions (below is my own) and nearly no one is predicting a blow out.


Nebraska still hasn’t shown that they can destroy someone other than really bad teams. Our beloved Huskers need to stop shooting themselves before anyone can have faith that they’ve crossed the line from bipolar, destroy-themselves-out-of-some-subconscious-self-hate to smash-your-head-in, angry barbarians full of destruction.

The defense is reliably destructive, but the offense still acts like you did when you came home after underage drinking; tip-toeing around the house in the dark, terrified of waking up your parents because of the reaction they would have.

I catch shit from my neighbors, co-workers, customers, and most of all, my rotten son when Minnesota beats Nebraska in football or men’s basketball. When our beloved Huskers win, everyone is quiet.

Therefore, I pray we smash the Gophers. Crush them. Annihilate them. 30 point win... maybe that would be enough, but no. I want them demoralized. I want to see posts from Gophers fans hoping that PJ Fleck goes to USC. I want them publicly embracing their self-loathing ways.

Could we beat Minnesota badly enough that they’d want to disband their football program?

Probably not, but it would be nice to see us come close. 1983 gave us 84-13, and that score has lingered with older Minnesota fans since. We will not score 84 on the Gophers, but, hey, when you pray, are they always grounded in reality, or do you say stuff like, “God, please let PJ Fleck get encased in boils so he’s too distracted to coach Saturday”.

A win isn’t enough. Destruction is called for. I can’t wait for this Saturday.


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Then There’s This

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Lilias, Yoga and You

I have no idea why this popped up recently. I don’t know if any of you remember this woman, but I used to enjoy watching her show years ago, I think on PBS. Lilias Folan, I think her name is. Very beautiful, but what always got me was her voice. I’m not sure what it was, but her voice always relaxed me. I never did the yoga - REAL MEN DON’T DO YOGA - but I’d just listen to her and it would be so incredibly peaceful.

I’m On Medium

I recently started writing at Medium. Two reasons for this:

  • I want to write about other stuff than sports. I am currently working on a book on how to overcome anxiety, depression and anger targeted at heart attack survivors. A huge percentage of them worry about having another heart attack.
  • Medium pays for writing. I don’t know if it’s much, but at least I can put stuff out there that will get seen by some, reviewed, and possibly commented on, so I can be a better writer.
  • If you want to join Medium, use this link so I get credit. Thank you.

I hate the headline on the story below. It isn’t about lecturing your adult children.

It’s about how we conveniently forget who we were when we get older. I worked with an editor and he suggested the headline, so I went with it as an experiment.

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