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Friday Flakes: Frost Said That Adrian Martinez Does Not Have Lupus, Leprosy or Smallpox

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 25 Nebraska at Michigan State Photo by Adam Ruff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In stating that Adrian Martinez did not have lupus, leprosy or smallpox, Coach Frost was actually knocking down a rumor that Martinez was hurt and was not going to play.

If you live in this state then you know that the rumor mill is constant when it comes to Nebraska football. A month or so ago the rumor mill was at full tilt surrounding Frost and that’s why he made this about Lupus, Leprosy or Smallpox.

“I’ve heard some of the rumors. If anybody knows about rumors around here it’s probably me. Ridiculous rumors. He probably has lupus and leprosy and smallpox and all these other things. He’s fine. He’s going to play.”

So rest easy folks. Martinez does not have lupus, leprosy or smallpox. I’m not sure when I’ll ever get a chance to include those three diseases in an article. Thanks Coach!

Calling All Husker Fans: We Need A List!

Nebraska has lost in so many different excruciating ways. What are the other ways that Nebraska can still lose that will still tear out our hearts?

We need a list so we can start checking them off like a bucket list until we can start winning again.

Seriously. We need the list.

I will add one of my own.


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