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Five Heart Podcast Episode 209: The 70s Was Bad for Music, Husker Returnees, the National Title Game!

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NCAA Football: Nebraska at Northwestern David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Greg and I get together after a a short break to talk (or scream, in my case) about how the year 2021 hasn’t really started yet, and how the 70s produced the worst decade of music in human history, even if the 70s (the decade) was only two years long.

We actually get to Husker talk as we discuss what the return of JoJo Domann and Cam Taylor-Britt mean to the Nebraska football team.

We discuss the pros and cons of the transfer portal and the national title game between Ohio State and Alabama.

Greg dyes his hair. I do too. (I DO NOT! - GM)

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Jon Has A Book Out!

It’s about my recovery from a widowmaker heart attack I suffered right before the 2015 football season. I was dead for 20 minutes, and was later diagnosed with an anoxic brain injury. My book is called “Been Dead, Never Been To Europe” and it is available on Amazon.

Greg just started reading it