A CornNation Spoof of Spaceballs: Cinema with RevengeOfTheBlackshirts

Recently, I made a spoof of Ford vs Ferrari featuring Adrian Martinez. [thank you to the CornNation staff for promoting it to front page, that was really cool of you]

Now I bring you some CornNation Spaceballs! This was inspired by the opening to today's Flakes.

(I am sure most of you all know the A*****e scene from Spaceballs)

Jon: I said Flakes on Thursday not Friday!

Nate P: Sorry sir! I'm doing my best!

Jon: Who made that man a writer?

Nate M: I did sir.

Jon: Who is he?

Husker Mike: He's a Nate sir.

Jon: I know that! What's his name?

Husker Mike: That is his name sir. Nate, Editor Nate!

Jon: And the other one?

Husker Mike: He's a Nate too sir. Staff Writer First Class Nate!

Jon: How many Nates do we have on CornNation, anyway?

[Entire comment section led by nateforchiefs stands up and raises a hand]

Comment section: Yo!

Jon: I knew it. I'm surrounded by Nates!

[Jon pulls his face shield down]

Jon: Keep writing, Nates!

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