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When Winter Sets In

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Flock of blackbirds roosting in barren trees near the Platt River Agelaius species Near Kearney, Nebraska, USA Photo by Wild Horizons/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The back of my house faces east. In the early morning you can see the sun come up across the horizon. In the summer it starts in the southeast corner. In the winter, it comes from the northeast.

During those winter months it will cut through the shelter belts on top of the hills. It pierces down towards the harvested fields below. Illuminating the frost that has encased the ground and the leftover corn stalks and soybean stems sticking our of the dirt.

By midmorning the ice is usually melted away from the suns rays. Yet, it is still cold and barren across the landscape. Nothing moves across it this time of year. Not even the chill of the winter wind that rarely lets up can rustle any movement.

The Great Plains just sits there. Alone and content in it’s placement. When you look at it, it stares back. Cold and desolate. Waiting for anything to happen to it. Knowing that nothing will until springs warmth thaws it from it’s rest.

I look at what surrounds us. I know that this solitude the land has during these cold and unforgiving months is only temporary. Soon it will thaw out and the land will be broken once again. Teaming with life. Plants, animals, and insects will take their place in the ecosystem.

Until then, I enjoy the peace and tranquility that winter brings.

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