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Brenden Jaimes Senior Bowl Game Review

Did the senior tackle finish the week out strong?

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Practice Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

After a week’s worth of practices, the Reeses’ Senior Bowl week is capped off by the actual game. And while most scouts and General Managers have left Mobile, the game was one final opportunity for Brenden Jaimes to end the week strong. Jaimes played a total of seven series working at right tackle mainly but did have one series at right guard.

The Good

Working mainly at right tackle Jaimes showed the strength and enough lateral agility to cut off pass rushers and keep his quarterback clean. Against Florida State’s Janarius Robinson he was able to engage with him and then ride him past the pocket. Jaimes was also able to have success against Baylor’s William Bradley-King who had a very good week getting to the quarterback.

And just like he has had all week, Jaimes continued to be strong in the run game. Whether it was positioning himself to seal off the inside for a run up the middle or just blocking head up and occupying defenders, Jaimes was able to create running lanes throughout the game.

The Bad

In the middle of the game Jaimes had a stretch that no offensive lineman wanted to have as he was called for a false start, had his defender bat down a pass, was called for holding and then gave up a sack. In his only series at right guard Jaimes faced off against Iowa’s Chauncey Golston who got underneath Jaimes and put him on skates driving him back and getting a batted down ball. One play later Jaimes was called for a ticky tack holding call on Golston.

Later in the game Jaimes gave up a sack against Florida State outside linebacker Janarius Robinson when Jaimes initially stopped him coming hard off the edge, but as the quarterback stepped up in the pocket, Robinson spun back to the inside and was able to get the sack.

Overall Thoughts

Saturday wasn’t the best showing for Jaimes as he had a bad stretch of plays that also limited what his team wanted to do at the end of the half. And while this wasn’t great for Jaimes, it won’t take anything away from his two strong practices on Wednesday and Thursday. NFL teams normally don’t pay much attention to the game and focus most of their attention on the practices. So hopefully this is the case for Jaimes who should still be solidly looked as a high Day three pick.