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Brenden Jaimes Senior Bowl Day 3 Report

Could Jaimes make it two good practices in a row?

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Practice Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

With Friday being just a walk through, Thursday was the last day to impress NFL General Managers and Scouts who typically leave Mobile Friday morning. After struggling during day one, Jaimes bounced back yesterday and is now looking to put together back to back good practices to finish the week off strong. Here’s a look at how Brenden Jaimes did during Day 3 of the 2021 Reeses’ Senior Bowl.

OL vs DL Drills

Looking to atone for his struggles playing on the right tackle on Tuesday’s practices, Jaimes was back on the right side rotating between guard and tackle. Jaimes wasted no time continuing to build off his success that he had on Wednesday. Facing off against Ohio State’s Jonathan Cooper he got driven back a step but Jaimes was able to re-anchor in and stop Cooper’s penetration.

But it was during these drills that was the highlight of the day as Jaimes faced off against Coastal Carolina defensive tackle Tarron Jackson. Here Jaimes was able to show off his power as he stoned Jackson at the point of attack and then was able to get under Jackson and drove him back.

Full Squad Scrimmages

Lined up at right tackle Jaimes had to deal with a couple of speed rushing linebackers in Ohio State’s Baron Browning and Oregon State’s Hamilcar Rashed. Browning came flying off the edge on one rep but Jaimes was able to cut him off with a 45 degree drop and then use his upper body strength to knock him back. Against Rashed it was much the same as Jaimes was able to engage with Rashed quickly and then use his lateral agility to funnel the linebacker past the pocket.

Thursday was the first time we’d seen Jaimes work at right guard during the team session and he had his ups and downs. With nobody head up or shading him, Jaimes went to block down on UCLA nose tackle Osa Odighizuwa but got caught lunging and Odighizuwa made a lateral move to blow past him for a sack. With Jaimes rarely playing guard, this could be chalked up to inexperience.

While Jaimes may lack the situational awareness playing inside he was able to show off his lateral agility to cut off Ohio State’s Jonathan Cooper on one rep and then used it again facing off against Texas defensive tackle Ta’Quon Graham a few plays later.

Pass protection wasn’t all that Jaimes had success with at guard as he continued to show good run blocking skills. On a run to the right Jaimes was able to hit one defender who was engaged with the right tackle, knocking him to the ground, and then was able to find a linebacker and occupied him. Jaimes was even asked to pull and showcased good quickness to get out and across the formation to take on the defensive end and seal him off.


After putting together two straight days of quality performances, Jaimes finally was starting to get recognition from the NFL Draft media. These back to back quality performances also help to eliminate what we saw on Tuesday as it could be early jitters or just having a bad day. Jaimes still has the Senior Bowl Game on Saturday for one last opportunity to impress, but unless he completely bombs you can count the Senior Bowl as a win.

Heading into the Senior Bowl Jaimes was a prospect that I thought was a mid round pick who could sneak into the third round if he knocked the event out of the park. And while Jaimes played well, I believe he solidified himself as a fourth or fifth round pick and someone who could play guard or tackle in the NFL.